Share your own Ghostly Adventure ~

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With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be fun to share personal ghost stories with one another. Have you had a ghostly encounter? walked into a home and felt an eerie presence only to find out that the house is haunted?  If you want to share your stories I will post them here up  until Halloween for all to read!!

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9 thoughts on “Share your own Ghostly Adventure ~

  1. I don’t believe in ghosts or supernatural creatures even though I am scared of the dark and/or to sleep alone in the house. I know I am not 12:))
    When I was small I believed that a neighbour of my grandmas was a witch (mostly because everyone told me so – other kids) but also because every single time she came around weird stuff happened – the electricity fell, the dogs were scared, lol. I imagine it was just a coincidence:)) I hope so:))

    • My husband doesn’t believe in ghosts either, but a few months back when we were up in Kansas for a graduation, we were staying at a hotel. Well, I got up to take a shower …. when I came back out my husband said that he had the strangest experience, while he was just laying in bed he could have sworn a cat jumped on the bed and walked across. Granted, he never saw a cat but he referenced it to how it feels like when our cat jumps on the bed and walks across it.

      I knew he was struggling….I looked at him and said “well honey, that’s awesome but you don’t believe in ghosts or that animals have souls sooooo maybe it was just something else”….. hahaha….all the while I was hoping for Casper the Cat to come back for a visit that night. 🙂

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