Just blame it on my hips!!



I finally went to an Orthopedic doctor to see what exactly is going on with my left knee. My knee has been giving me issues since I injured it in junior high….jump roping “Go figure”!!  Well, about a year ago I started running  and well, I don’t run…..but it’s the only thing that seemed to help me shed the weight. While running, pain would hit which I can only describe as someone taking an ice pick and stabbing it below my knee cap.

About a month ago, I reinjured it some how…… “you don’t remember how you hurt your knee?” you ask. That’s correct. I woke up one morning with a huge bruise on my knee and the pain was just not in one area it spread…..this was the morning after experiencing my first and LAST Ambien sleepwalk. I was no longer able to squat without feeling some tearing and burning……kneeling was now painful. Call me a glutton for punishment or …..well a wife who enjoys the touch of her husband because about two weeks ago while in the throes of passion and not giving a care in the world about what position I was in I pushed the pain that I felt in my knee aside and focused on the pleasure….boy was I paying the price later!! But it was worth it.

Friday, after meeting with doctor he told me that I have:



Otherwise known as “Runners Knee”. Really??? I get runners knee even though I don’t run….REALLY?? he told me that he wanted me to go to Physical Therapy to strengthen the muscles around my knee and hopefully this will take care of any and all pain.

When I got home and relayed the news to my husband he said the same thing “Uhm but you don’t run”, “yes I know” I responded…..as he glanced down at the papers the doctor provided, he started to read the “How does this occur?” section.

“Honey did you read this?” he asked.

“No, not really I just glanced at it”

“ it pretty much says your wide hips could have played a part in this”

“shut up….. hahaha”

I looked at what he was reading and wouldn’t you know ……………..


stupid hips!!!


8 thoughts on “Just blame it on my hips!!

  1. I’ve heard about having bad knees due to wide hips, but no man ever said, “Meh, I’ll skip the child bearing hips on that hottie. Old Bessie’s knees are gonna blow before she’s 50.”
    (My right knee is acting up…heaven help me if that’s the issue. Sigh.)

  2. If it had said “due to thunder thighs”, my nurse sis woulda said to me, “See, I told you so!”

    In regards to running, I wish there was another way to shed pounds or for endurance, ya know? Running seems to always be placed first. But I can never seem to accept that because of knee injuries! How crappy it is when your knees or ankles hurt like crazy, just cuz you want to get healthy, and running is the “best” way to do so. So terrible to continue to do and bear the pain of knee and ankle injuries, especially when going up and down stairs.

    Thanks for sharin’ this funny post!

  3. So THAT’S why I get sore legs at times….I just thought it might have been too much strenuous, ahem, exercise. Well, you gotta do something!;) Thanks for the laugh. NOT laughing at your pain or your hips but well you know it is kinda funny. :)x

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