Daily Prompt: Reading material



When it comes to choosing blogs to read…… it’s all about the heading, for example:

Don and jesus do Canada, sort of… (Don of all trades)

To suck more, or to not suck more? That’s the question!  (1 year single)

My Feminity Change at the Eye Drs Office (Lisa Johnson Sawyer)

The Date With The Therapist (Dating Dramas of a Thirty something)

These are just some that have made me stop to read their entertaining, witty, sometimes jaw dropping blog. I enjoy blogs that grab my attention…I’m not much into the do-it yourself blogs because I’m not a do-it yourselfer. I don’t find myself clicking away at Political posts because I hear enough about it on the news. I don’t like whiny blogs….yes, occasionally we have to vent and get on our soapbox, sometimes we are experiencing something earth shattering….that’s different from the constant “Feel sorry for me, everyone hates me” blogs, the first five posts …ok I get it…..but after that you lose me.

When I read a post, I want to get a sense of that person, are they being “real” with your readers or is it just a bunch of fluff or smoke and mirrors? As for myself, there are no smoke and mirrors. I may not share EVERYTHING due to some prying eyes but if you are a blogger friend, I tend to fill you in via email…..but for the most part my blog is a representation of me. My silly and not so silly experiences moving to the country….I’m a long way from California that’s for sure!!

Daily Prompt: Reading Material


16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Reading material

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      • You know what else is interesting? Some of the search term results that show up in my admin panel!

        It’s not uncommon for me to see weird search terms on my blog that combine “nun” and “(insert porn word here).” *rolls eyes*

        There is a really funny writer who blogs at TerribleMinds.com, and he has a regular feature called “Search Term Madness” or something like that. Hysterical!

        • ohhh wow…. these were some that popped up on my search terms in the last 7 days… some people are just sick!!

          girl using condom in night 1
          my japanese wife ayako
          homely hooters tumblr 1
          unidentifird flying bugs 1
          i’m gona want to F* your wife or sister
          difference between being nosy and stalking
          homely hooters tumblr

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  6. If you can’t even be real behind a computer where many people don’t know you, how real are you with the people in your life?

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