This is the only time I paid for another woman to touch my husband!! Happy Birthday!


This past Saturday we celebrated the Hubby’s birthday. I knew he was a little nervous about what I had planned. It’s my fault really. I called him at work a few weeks back double checking that he had NOTHING planned for this past weekend. Knowing my luck he was planning on us taking a weekend bike trip someplace.  

Later that evening he asked me three times if I was going to throw him a surprise party. “Hmm no honey don’t worry no one will be jumping out screaming SURPRISE…and plus you’re turning 54 NOT 55 or the big 6 0”. I don’t think THAT helped any.  “ok I just want to make sure, I don’t want a party”. I rolled my eyes and said “ people that say that they don’t want a party, secretly do….but I can promise you there is no party planned this year”.  Secretly, now I wanted to throw him a party and totally throw him off…..but no, I just didn’t have the desire this year to get into the party planning mode.

Two weeks ago, he came home and with suspicious grin asked “Honey you said we were going out of town that weekend….are we going to Hot Springs?”.  What the hell?? He’s never like this….ever. I’m normally the one who can’t wait and I hate secrets. “No we aren’t going to Hot Springs and what I meant about going out of town….is that I have something planned in Little Rock”.

Finally the day came and although I broke down a few days prior and told him that I planned a nice one hour couple massage, he was very pleased.  Hell, I can’t keep a surprise/secret to save my life…..I’m horrible at Christmas!!  Anyways…..that morning I made him an amazing breakfast; French toast, eggs and bacon….YES, the furkids got to enjoy in the breakfast feast as well.  He opened his cards and presents…..then lounged around and watched football until it was time to leave.

Once we arrived at the day spa and filled out all the necessary paperwork, I laughed at the “In case of emergency question”….what could possibly happen during a massage? I die from being totally relaxed? Shortly after we finished with our paperwork our girls came and got us and led us into a very ZEN like room and gave us instructions to strip down to our undies and lay face down on the table. The next sixty minutes were a blur, from time to time I heard my husband grown because the girl was kneading her knuckles on the knots he has on his shoulders, I stayed silent and took in the whole experience. I was in heaven!!! Shit, I need to do this more often.

We both felt like jelly afterwards and I was still in my massage coma for the next few hours!!  Later that night, we grilled some steaks followed up by a yummy chocolate cake and ice cream!!

This was the cake I got for him last year

This was the cake I got for him last year

“Thank you honey for a very nice birthday, I love you”  as he kissed me in the kitchen….. “ you’re welcome honey, I am glad you enjoyed your day” I said.  The  look on his face changed “Will you still love me when I’m 84?” …. “I will love you even when your 94 and a 104” and gave him a little smack on his ass.

As we laid in each other arms ….  I said “Honey.. not only is it your birthday, but a year ago today you asked me to marry you!! wow, what a year this has been….2013 has been great!”. We kissed each other goodnight….

I will leave the rest to your imagination  😉 


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