My search is over … “Wait, what you’re leaving?? YOU CAN’T”


I have been needing to get my haircut for quite a while, the ends are splitting and it’s just at the point that I can’t do anything with it. Back in July I wrote about feeling totally vulnerable when it comes to getting my haircut , I’m either left wanting to grab a ball cap or I spend the next ten minutes in my car crying because it looks as though Edwards Scissorhands  got a hold of my hair.

Yesterday I had enough….I had to put my big girl panties on and just take a chance. What’s the worst that can happen? I end up with bangs and a short bob?? I walked into the salon and to my surprise I was going to get my hair cut by the girl who did it back in July. Although, last time it took her nearly an hour to do a simple cut I was satisfied with my results. “I wonder if she can give me long layers without screwing it up” I wondered.

After washing my hair, she sat me down in front of the mirror and asked me what I wanted done. As I stared at her Beautician License hanging on her mirror (she just started in June) “hmmmm, well…..don’t take this the wrong way but how good are you with doing long layers?? Please don’t feel offended, but I have had people totally ruin my hair at their attempt of long layers…either it’s too choppy, of they give me short layers instead of long layers and I look hideous”. She  can see I’m nervous but assures me that  this is fairly simple but will make sure everything is blended once she dries my hair. “Do you want bangs?” …… no I tell her……… “how about side bangs?” ….. “sure why not” ….totally different look, instead of my hair being one length….maybe it’s time for a little change.

An hour later, she turns me to look at myself in the mirror. “WOW, it’s …… nice actually it looks really good, THANK YOU”. I love it actually…. I follow her up to the register. My search is over, I finally found someone who I trust to do a good job with my hair!!!!!  “I’m leaving the salon”…….what did she say? No she can’t leave, I just found her…..ohhhh nooooo, this can’t happen.  “Here’s my card, I will put my cell number on the back, but I am moving to another salon” she said….. “Is it local?” I ask. She tells me yes and I feel relieved.  I know she can see the relief as well and she smiles.


Once I got home my husband notices right away  “Honey your hair looks so nice”….I smile and twirl and go on and on about my experience. “Honey did you get milk?” he asks. “No, I didn’t I have to go back out….I just felt naked”. He stares at me, looks me up and down and the look of confusion takes over. I know he is thinking “naked? She’s wearing jeans and a sweatshirt how in the world does she feel naked”….  “my hair honey, there is no hairspray in it…..I feel naked without hairspray, I know….it’s weird but that’s just me”


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