Helen….WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? bring back Mark Darcy!!

Not sure if you heard yet,  but in Helen Fielding  “Mad About The Boy” (sequel to the Bridget Jones Diary).

1. Mark Darcy has kicked the bucket

2. Bridget Jones is NOW 51!!  In what world is she 51?  yeah I know, in the literary world but still.

The book begins five years after Darcy has died, with Bridget now a 51-year-old single mother of two children, Mabel and Billy. ~Yahoo News

I still make “Bridget Jones” references with my girlfriends. I could relate with that character, tell me a woman who hasn’t had that moment when she chooses the “granny panties/spanx underwear” over the sexy thong to hold in the unnecessary lumps. 

images (1)

I know I could relate…..especially when you vow to yourself that just for tonight your whorish tigeress self wouldn’t come forth….. “I’m going to take it slow….this time” I would say as I search for the most unflattering undies in my drawer.

I know I could relate with Bridget when she just had enough of Daniel Cleaver and decided that she was due for a change. “I’m every woman” plays …. and I get pumped up with her. I’ve had many moments after a break up when I jump-start my “I’m going to show him” mode and kick bad habits such as losing my craving for carbs, I cash in my snicker and McDonald money for a new pair of sneakers and hit the gym.

images (2)

I’ve dated my version of Mr.Darcy and I’ve dated my version of a Daniel Cleaver; it was only right that Bridget ended up with Mr.Darcy ……..but what was Helen Fielding thinking about killing him off??  Did he get buried in some outrageous holiday sweater too?

download (2)

Do you think it’s too late to protest?? she can recreate a new ending right?? Shit, Sex and the City had a couple of different endings for Big and Carrie…..and I bet James Cameron  had some different endings as well for Rose and Jack.

images (5)

I’m pretty peeved at the moment…..why kill him off and why make her 51?? don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with 51, from what I heard it’s the new 40…..but I related to Bridget when I was 30……she SHOULD be somewhere in her early forties. Shit…is Hugh Hefner going to play the part of Daniel Clever??

To read the article click here : R.I.P, Mark Darcy 


9 thoughts on “Helen….WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? bring back Mark Darcy!!

  1. My mum told me about it and I was gutted!!! My nickname at uni was Bridget because I smoked and drank a lot, didnt have a boyfriend and was unlucky in love… Why would Helen Fielding do that!!!!!

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