Lily, you have mouse breath!!

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In the last couple weeks I have found a few dead mice in our yard, without squealing like a little girl while Sami (our cat) looks at me for praise….. I smile, pat her head while mumbling something on the lines of “Good girl Sami, now I appreciate the kind gift but a gift card would be better than a dead rodent” . I wait till she goes into the house before I grab the shovel from the shed, scoop the furry vermin up and hurl him through the air back into the woods .

Late last night around 9pm, my husband took our furkids outside to go to the bathroom. I walked outside shortly afterwards, I noticed that Lily and Dart were sniffing in one specific area……I assumed they were tormenting a frog with their wet noses ….BOY was I wrong, I wish it were a frog.

“Lily come here”, I demanded. Dart came instead. I walked over to Lily to see what she was so interested in….. “Lily what do you have?”. Miss Little Diva raised her head and in her mouth was a mouse and not a tiny itty bitty mouse, this mouse had some meat on its bones.

“Oh my gosh, LILY GET THAT THING OUT OF YOU MOUTH THIS INSTANT” I squealed like a little girl. “Spit it out, DROP IT!” I demanded.  She drops it back on the grass and looks at me like “whats the big deal you praise Sami”.  I went back inside, grabbed the flash light…..marched out to the shed to grab the shovel. Dart was right beside me, he’s my shadow….plus he loves chasing the light from the flash light…crazy pup!!

As I walked back to where the mouse laid, Lily ran straight towards it and without hesitation she put’s it back in her mouth. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LILY….YOU’RE A GIRL!! PUT THE MOUSE DOWN RIGHT NOW!” . Sami comes sauntering over, looks at Lily almost saying “Really? you think SHE thinks you killed it? Yeah right” and walks away …plops down on the cement and starts cleaning herself, never giving Lily or I a second glance.

I scooped that sucker up with the shovel, managed to secure the flashlight in my hand so the light shined on the furry “hopefully dead” mouse and walked on over to our fence.

Honey, make sure it doesn’t run up the handle and on to your arm” my funny husband yells out.

“Funny…ha ha ha”

Honey, make sure you toss the mouse OVER the fence and not INTO the fence”

This man has jokes…..

I placed the flashlight down and with a good heave hoo that mouse went flying over the fence.

Once back inside, I grabbed Miss Lily and a wash cloth and wiped her mouth clean and gave  her a little bit of peanut butter. There was no way I was going to smell mouse breath all night long while she lays next to me……….peanut butter is bad enough but I will take that over mouse breath any day!!


This is Miss Lily


7 thoughts on “Lily, you have mouse breath!!

  1. Oh cats! Teddy once brought a mouse with meat on its bones into the bed as I slept. Such a sweet, sweet, thoughtful cat. You can imagine how that ended! And your husband is funny with his jokes while you’re shoveling the mice away. 🙂

    • yeah you would THINK he would do the manly thing and do it for me…..but he is totally entertained by his city girl wife. He just stood back and watched everything unfold!!

      I am not sure why I was so surprised that Lily (the black girl dog) took a liking to the mouse considering she brought me a bird or two when she was younger.

      I would have been horrified if Sami brought me a mouse while in bed……I bet if we had a doggy door her gifts would find themselves inside!!

  2. I had a Bassett hound that used to play with moles in our yard. He would never kill them, just tossed them in the air!!! Another time he had caught a rabbit, but didnt kill it either….just held it in his mouth. LOL…..worst hunting dog ever!!!! 🙂

    • My husband said he thinks she may have thought it was a baby animal and was going to move it some place safe………hmmmm…, she HID from her puppies at times, I would have to drag her out from under the bed so she could nurse them or give them attention. So I don’t think she had a sudden maternal urge to care for the dead mouse.she wouldn’t kill it…this I know, she would probably play with.

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