What a morning ….


Why am I so tired? I know why …… it’s because I feel as though I did a zillion things in an hour and a half before getting to work this morning.

This was my morning ….

Clock begins the countdown…. 1 hr: 30 min

woke up

let the furkids out to go potty

made the hubby lunch

1:15 left  : Shower time

1 hour left :

quickly applied make-up

said good-bye to the hubby

fed the furkids

put together tonights dinner in the crock-pot (thank you Pinterest)


stood in the closet and briefly considered what I was going to wear today

40 minutes and counting :

did my hair

brushed my teeth

reminder * don’t forget to put on deodorant

threw the clothes that were in the washer in the dryer

threw in a load of towels and started the washer

SHIT … I have to leave in ten minutes  : (slight panic)

started the dishwasher

let the dogs out one more time …. yelled at them because they were barking at the little pup next door. THEY NEED TO FOCUS…PEE !!! chased Miss Lily around the yard because her stubborn ass wouldn’t get inside.

put potty pads down “just in case”

grabbed some grapes

grabbed phone charger

Got my phone

Grabbed my purse

…shit where’s my sweater

grabbed a bottle water

said good-bye to the furkids ……

shit where’s Sami ….. she must be outside

filled up outside water bowl for Sami

checked hair one last time …. sprayed it again with hairspray!

25 minutes :

crap I forgot I need to get gas

filled the car with gas

some how kept the road rage at bay

*tired need coffee and breakfast*

head through the Starbucks drive through

“Tall skinny vanilla latte and ….uhmmm…..a multi grain bagel please”

pulled into my parking space at work with five minutes to spare




3 thoughts on “What a morning ….

  1. PLEASE let me know how that roast turns out!!
    I saw that recipe. When I saw the ingredients…I was like…ew. (lol) Lemme know guinea pig…

    Your morning gig is hilarious…I know exactly how it goes! hilarious! go go go…

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