It’s here ….It’s here


Fall …. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and this is why

~I simply love the colors of fall …..browns,oranges,yellows…..

~Leaves changing



~I get to wear my yoga pants again

~ The new season of The Big Bang Theory and Revenge come on!!

~Not having to shave my legs as much


~Halloween decorations (believe me I would decorate now, but it’s not even October)….. 5 more days and counting!!!

~Baileys and Hot Coco



~Nights out by the fire pit with my hunny snuggled up with a blanket

~Homemade bread bowl soups, corn chowder and Wisconsin Chili

~My furkids get to wear their Halloween costumes and sweaters

~Visits to the pumpkin patch

images (2)


~Breaking out extra blankets

~Turkey and all the extras on Thanksgiving

~Thanksgiving decorations

~Turning the clocks back

images (1)

Simply …………..









13 thoughts on “It’s here ….It’s here

    • I made the mistake by going into Hobby Lobby the other day and saw all their Halloween stuff…..$75 and 4 bags later I have more to add to my collection!!! …. I blame Pinterest!!

  1. Not shaving your legs?…o.k bear

    The best fall I saw was in my senior year in highschool, up state New York. First time in the U.S and coming from Spain which we don´t have those forest´s, I was dumbfounded when I saw all those colours plus you add to that the sunset and I think it was one of the most beautiful things I had seen. I´d like taking a poor kid from africa and moving him to Alaska so he sees the snow. You can imagine the shock on that kid, sort of what happened with me. I couldn´t believe the beauty. My favourite thing also, the pumpkin when they put it into the oven, it´s like potato but sweater. Can´t remember if it had a specific name for it. But I loved that. Do I miss the U.S.

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