Weekend in review: Date night, Taye Diggs, a bike ride and more

Besides the nightmare that lasted till I woke up Saturday morning, my weekend was quite pleasant.

downloadFriday was a do nothing but cuddle with a blanket and read day, until it was time to start getting ready for my date with my husband.  We went and saw the Butler which I will be totally surprised if it doesn’t pick up a few Academy Awards!! the cast was just amazing……  It was a great movie….if you loved The Help you will love this….and if you didn’t care for it….well trust me, you will enjoy this movie and if you don’t well then I question whether or not if you have a SOUL. ….. ok maybe that’s a little harsh. It’s was a good movie, go see it!!

images (1)One thing that I do enjoy about going to the movies is the previews …..  Gravity, the movie with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock; although the preview left my heart beating a mile a minute and a touch of claustrophobia I will not see this movie. I’m sorry, I just don’t see those two as astronauts. Sandra needs to stick with cute and funny chick flicks and George, well he just needs to get on to making another Oceans movie.  Then…… I almost squealed like a little girl seeing One Direction for the first time when I saw the next preview, but I had to keep my cool my husband WAS right beside me.  I was getting pretty warm in some places when I saw Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut on the screen. ….damn those are some fine pieces of meat!! ….focus Jolene…focus. ….sorry…..  In November The Best Man Holiday is coming out and I can’t wait to go see it….but you know what this means right?? noooo of course you don’t…..this means that I will HAVE to watch The Best Man again (ohhh the shame) but this time with my husband so he can get the gist of the characters and their story.

The night concluded with a yummy steak dinner and a glass of wine ………. I’m such a light weight that glass of wine hit me quick!!

Saturday my husband and I took a little day ride (on his motorcycle) up to Mountain View, Arkansas….it was such a beautiful day….and yes if you are wondering, he did ride safely!   We saw A LOT of deer but they kept to their side of the road, so Thank God there wasn’t a (almost) Death By Deer moment….how we made it through that was beyond me.

Sunday was a blur…… I was a busy little bee, it started with me making breakfast (steak and eggs) for my husband and the furkids. Yes, they got to enjoy a little steak and eggs…..I just stuck with my Special K cereal.  Then it was off to cleaning…..then driving into town to pick up a few (20) items at Target, grocery shopping, then to the Laundromat………..yep, I thought I wouldn’t have to ever visit the Laundromat ever again but our bike apparel needed to be washed!!  ….. The night ended with us sitting outside by the fire just talking about the future.

“So honey, why don’t you start looking at some place exotic that you would like to go to next year for our honeymoon/anniversary” …… well well well……seeing that we didn’t have much of a honeymoon and wanted to do it right and not have to penny pinch while on vacation we decided to wait a couple of years …… so now, I got the go ahead to start looking!!

images (2)


Any suggestions??? 


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