Big Bang Theory + Golf = Nightmare on a different level!!


I’m moving really slow this morning; I blame this on my sister. ……it certainly is not my fault that I couldn’t sleep and therefore tossed and turned till about two this morning.  If it wasn’t for her saying “what if you fall a sleep and dream about it again” I think I would have slept soundly….but no, I didn’t want to fall victim of that nightmare again….so I fought sleep.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t some “Nightmare on Elm Street” sort of dream, Freddy wasn’t chasing me down some darken alley…..and this wasn’t some Ambien induced dream either. ….I woke up several times throughout the night just to shake off the dream…but every time I fell back to sleep I was sucked right back into this crazy world. I even took the furkids outside to go to the bathroom, grabbed a cookie and went back to sleep… ten minute tops!!! I looked at the clock when I climbed back in bed 2:23am……………wouldn’t you know it, I was back in the dream….same place, same horror, but seeing it from a different persons perspective.

All I can say is that it was another realm of existence, a place that I can only describe as some highly disturbed purgatory which has now been taken over by something evil. This “thing” was captivating in its human form but when you saw past it’s glamour he was all things evil. He wanted to keep you in this place…..but there was a way out. Death. Not by his hands….but by your own. “Choose death or be his prisoner” was what the common phrase was… was truly bizarre.

Disturbing….I know, I dreamt it. I experienced this dream through three people’s eyes. It took me pretty much the whole next morning to shake it off, I even wrote about it in detail …… just to get it out.

“What did you watch that brought that on ?” my sister asked.

“I went to bed watching the Big Bang theory and then maybe a few minutes of golf” I told her…..nothing I watched or experienced that day would have triggered such a graphic, odd, horrific dream.

It’s not uncommon that I remember my dreams or have reoccurring dreams….I welcome those but this dream was something that I wasn’t quite ready to experience again.


4 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory + Golf = Nightmare on a different level!!

  1. My recurring dream is always about the basement of the house where I used to live. Nothing bad – just needing to clean it out because we’re getting ready to move. In real life, we’ve moved 3 times since then!
    I hope you sleep well tonight. 😦

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