What do Will Smith, John Stamos and tighty whities have in common??…..well, they are all mentioned in this post..so read on!


As the older sibling I pretty much got blamed for things that either got broken, misplaced or when something wasn’t done to my parents liking….I also unbeknownst to me, was my sisters purse-keeper/purse-sitter/purse-detector.

My sister had a habit of losing her purse and I am not saying she lost it once a year, this was an ongoing thing. She would forget it in a dressing room, restaurant booth, at the mall, at the neighbor’s house, at school…..mind you she wasn’t a teenager when all this was going on she was in grade school. I really don’t know what my sister carried in her purse but all I know is when her purse would go MIA, I had to track it down. “Jolene do you know where Maries purse is?”, I would always hear. …and my answer would always be, no…because at that time in my life my sister was just a pain in my rear end, she only served one purpose and that was to  intercept my progress report or report card before my parents got their hands on it.

When I was fourteen I remember sitting in the den with my best friend watching Full House, when my sister started crying because she couldn’t find her purse. My mom screamed down from upstairs  and asked if I knew where her purse was, I of course said “no”….I was then told to look for it. Really?? I have a friend over and we are  drooling over watching John Stamos (uncle Jessie on Full House). My sister continued her fit, this time my mother yells again that I need to look for her purse. Frustrated, I yelled back “I didn’t lose it so why should I have to find her stupid purse, if it’s so important maybe she should put it where she can find it”.

imagesWhat happened next is so embedded in my memory that I wish Will Smith would use his little doodad from Men in Black and erase that part of my memory. I heard yelling come from upstairs and then I see my father stomp down the stairs in his tighty whities, he told me to come on over to him…..he then proceeded to shove me up against the wall (a police move I assume), put his hand under my chin and yelled in my face “You WILL help your sister find her purse or else you will see my belt, do you hear me?”….of course I said yes, I just wanted him to go back upstairs and put some clothes on…the sight of him in his tighty whities was just horrifying…plus my best friend was scarred for life after witnessing all this. Seriously, tighty whities need to be worn by little boys not grown adults!!

Come to think of it, I don’t even know if we ever found her stupid purse…..really what does a nine-year old carry in a purse anyways? a membership to the Care Bear fan club and some cherry lip balm?



Mama Kats Prompt : 3.) Tell us about something you got in trouble for that you didn’t actually do



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