Daily Prompt: The cat says meow

They say when the cats away the mice will play, well when my mom and dad are gone my son and I just nap, but today I decided to play with moms laptop; it took me forever to  find the right button though ……my darn paws are so hairy!!


My mom is a push over, she spoils me rotten and if I don’t get my way at first all I have to do is throw a tantrum, she calls it “the floppy fish”, not sure what a fish is but I lay on my side and kick out my feet but she laughs every single time and of course I get  her undivided attention……it’s ball time.  She tries her best to throw the ball across the room, sometimes it hits a wall and bounces back …. I can tell by her lack of throwing skills that she must have been picked last for games, like baseball.

My dad loves baseball but I just don’t understand why they run after hitting the ball and they don’t bring the ball back, they just keep running, maybe if they brought it back they would get praised like my mom praises me when I return with the ball.

“Dart will you stop making funny faces at Sami, she’s outside because she didn’t come home on time before mom left for work”

“Mom what’s work?”

“I don’t know son, it’s a place they go during the day  …sometimes they come home grumpy but we know how to make them smile”

“Yes we do….we bark and jump and give them sloppy kisses……then we get a treat…I love those treats, do you think grandma will remember we are low on Beggin Strips?”

“I don’t know if she wrote it on the paper and Sami is outside so she can’t jump on the counter to check, but I’m busy I have to finish this before mom comes home…can you chew on a bone or something?”

Where was I?


Ohhh yes…I love my mom, she takes us outside to chase birds and frogs, she throws us birthday parties and makes us eggs on our special day, she bathes us with nice smelling shampoo, buys me pretty dresses, she makes sure I have nothing on my face or on my bum, she tends to me when I eat too much grass and have a stomach ache, she also took care of my four babies when I just needed some peace and quiet….she slept on the floor for days while I hid under the bed just to get some sleep. I miss her when she’s gone and wait patiently for her to return. She’s my best friend, she gets me and I get her…..yes I can be a little brat sometimes it’s not like I ignore her on purpose….I hear her call for me ..but I smell things and I need to figure out what they are….it’s when she middle names me that I know I better see what she wants.

She’s awesome!!


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17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The cat says meow

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    • LOL….YEP!!! you would think I would be able to throw a ball through a door way….nope….but she’s learned to catch the ball in the air when it bounces off the wall!! that pup has skills!!

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  5. You’ll have to read my http://farfetchedfriends.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/peer-pressure-and-peanut-butter-puppy-poppers/ post. At the end of the post, there’s info for a recipe for homemade PB dog treats. They only have four ingredients, are healthy, and SUPER easy to make. My Pierre doesn’t like them, but all his friends do, so I make them and give them away. Yeah, Beggin’ Strips are good, but we all know how much dogs love PB.:)

    Excellent post! Cute dog tutus, too.

    • Ohh Thank you!!!! I am going to have to make them for my little furkids!! I’ve made a peanut butter carrot cake for Darts 1st birthday a few years ago….he loved it, but his mom, Lily didn’t care for it. 🙂

      • I’ll have to look up a recipe for that – a cake would be a cute idea.
        I’m telling you, I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like those treats. My Pierre is just tired of me making them so much but he used to like them. LOL. Your Lily might like them after all. 🙂

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