Being an Ax man (woman) isn’t my forte.

Ugh …. I never thought I would have writers block. I hear about others having it…but I was one of those people that thought  “that will never happen to me”.  So, instead of staring at the screen for another hour I am going to write about what I know and what I know is that I have no business swinging an ax.

I discovered yesterday while helping my husband with his woodsy project that I only serve as entertainment than really helping him. My job was to rake….I can rake, it’s easy,so I thought… but what was holding me up was these pesky vines and thorny branches, it’s just a tangled mess behind our fence…but I was doing my best to help clear the brush.

I kept getting hung up on one pesky vine that was probably an inch and a half thick…..while my husband looked on I asked if I could use the ax.  He said sure. The only time I held an ax was when I bought the damn thing for my husband a few months back, but how hard could it be. I’ve seen him use it several times….I’ve seen minutes of the show ax men, you swing and then it breaks.

I grabbed the ax….I looked at the pesky vine that was about to be no more. I raise the ax… comes down hard and I hit…… dirt…really?? ok, I try again….I get a better grip….I raise the ax, I focus on my target….I barely nick that damn vine.  I turn my head and I see my husband smiling … holding back laughter. I tried one more time, I failed.  “I thought it would be easy….I’m just doing what I’ve seen you do” …he took the ax and in 1, 2, 3 ….the vine is cut.  “show off”.

I decided to stick to the rake….I know how to operate that, plus I have a feeling that if I continued with the ax, I would have ended up in the emergency room.


8 thoughts on “Being an Ax man (woman) isn’t my forte.

  1. [ Smiles ] If you were a Texas girl you would have been more than able to handle an ax; not being able to handle an ax is nothing to be ashamed of; it is just not one of your skills.

    However, if you wish to become proficient at it, you can practice a few minutes a day with your husband’s ax.

    • hahah….ohhhh there will be no practicing with the ax. I came really close to my toes and shin a few times. I know when to raise the white flag and admit defeat….it’s when I get cocky that I injure myself!!

  2. You may end up laying flat on your bed for awhile due to sore muscles anyway! Swinging an axe makes your muscles burn, in areas you didn’t know of before…. I tried it only once! 🙂

    • Not quite sore….it’s nothing like I felt when I spent pretty much all morning raking the grass into piles and then having to pick it all up…..I was sore for days after that!!

  3. I can’t use an ax properly, either! Maybe if I was damn mad…but I doubt anyone around here would let me anywhere near an ax then. 😉 Good luck with the writer’s block. I think you’re dealing with it in a good way, for what that’s worth.

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