I’m a sucker for doggy costumes.. Yes, I am one of THOSE people!!

Last month when I ventured into PetSmart I was beyond excited at the costumes that stood in front of me, I picked out costumes for my furkids, Lily and Dart and thought that was the end of it…………until yesterday.

On my lunch break I stopped into PetSmart to get Lilys favorite bones but then I got distracted…I couldn’t believe the new costumes that now lined one of the aisles. Snow white, Cinderella……..Minnie Mouse and Micky !!!  They were just too cute so of course I left with 2 costumes. YES I KNOW………they already have costumes……..but i couldn’t pass these up and I’m not going to return them. I will just be prepared for next year!!

Now, I know Halloween is a month and a half a way but I am left with the decision of what costume they will end up wearing…..decisions decisions.

Lily  ………….. Lady bug or Minnie Mouse


Dart ………. Frankenstein or Monkey


What do you think ??? What’s your favorite??

Before you even think “ohhh I can’t believe she dressed her dogs up, she’s so mean” well, they enjoy it….really…seriously….Lily loves her dresses and Dart just plays along!!  hahaha


Lily striking one her many poses!!



A view from the top



Something obviously has their attention



Dart was getting bored …..



6 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for doggy costumes.. Yes, I am one of THOSE people!!

  1. When my doggy was alive (sadly he passed away recently) I had Trench Coat that I used to put on him. It was belted and everything. Thing is, whenever I put clothes on him he’d just stand there and not move – for ages, if I let him. Which was quite good, really. he was still enough for me to take loads of photos before putting him out of his misery.

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