I remember ………..

Wow, has it been twelve years already? I’m pretty sure that you have taken a few minutes to remember that day…..memories of where you were at when you heard the news, you probably could recall the multitude of emotions that you felt throughout the day while you were watching what was unfolding on television.

I remember ………

It was the day that I was going to take my sister to meet her recruiter so she could head off to boot camp for the Air Force.

My family and I just got back from having an early morning breakfast at a local restaurant, we all gathered back at my parents house so my sister could gather a few things before we had to leave. I turned on the t.v and was rummaging through a room when I glanced up and saw footage of the first plane hitting the tower…..I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes……….I was listening to the newscaster calmly describe what had taken place. Live footage was now being shown, I yelled to my parents to turn the t.v on and then I saw it……….the second plane.  ( I get chills just thinking about it).

Our life’s …. every ones life’s changed that day. My sister didn’t leave for bootcamp that day; we just gathered around the television set watching, feeling, weeping, praying …………

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13 thoughts on “I remember ………..

  1. I was living abroad with no TV on 9/11/01, and my Japanese friends started texting me at midnight with messages like, “I’m sorry about America.” After the third person texted me, I went to my neighbor (a Canadian lady) to ask what was going on. She had her TV on. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

      • Yes, it was difficult. I didn’t have a computer either. My parents sent me updates by email, and my apartment building was where all of my colleagues lived (Americans & Canadians), so I also stopped by their places to catch updates on the bilingual news program.

  2. Like you, I remember exactly where I was when the first plane struck. My husband’s sister-in-law was living in Manhattan at the time. We couldn’t reach her for days. Then, finally we got through and learned she was okay.
    Guess I should count my blessings more often than I do.

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