Too hot for school

At lunch I called my sister just to see how she was doing  and what she told me just baffled me ….

“The boys are coming home early”

“Why? do they have half day?”

“Because it’s too hot”

“Are you telling me that school is cancelled because it’s too hot?”

“Yes….and they better not wake up the kids that are napping” (she runs a daycare)

“OK..hold up….so we grew up in the desert where it reached 115 degrees in the summer but still had to go to school and sometimes even WALK HOME…..but it’s not even 100 where you are and they are cancelling school?”

For some reason her frustration was now mine…….and honestly, I was silently saying “that’s not fair!!” apparently the older schools don’t have air conditioning and apparently the State of Illinois has never seen a heat wave…..I call Bull Shit!!!

“Heat wave” by big German/Mexican ass , I remember going to school when it was over 100 degrees, the classrooms didn’t have air conditioning either but the teachers used what’s called a fan to bring some relief to the stuffy room all the while I sat there wishing the students around me believed in wearing deodorant.

I foresee wine and maybe a Xanex in my sisters future!!!


13 thoughts on “Too hot for school

  1. We’re raising a generation of vaginas. Too hot for school, no edible snacks, not nut products, no swings on the playground, no playing red rover, sit “pretzel style” instead of indian style. GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah I couldn’t believe they were closing school because of the heat. And they barely close because there is a ton of snow. This is the second time they’ve done this. I guess the school is too cheap for AC.

  3. HAHA! You want to know what it’s been here, in S. California, for the past few weeks? Highest was about 105! Today and tomorrow is the coolest it’s been in a while at about 92, then towards the end of the week it creeps back up to the 102+ mark.
    To hot my OWN Mexican ass! Give those kids some water and tell them to suck it up!

  4. Like my recollections of going to school in -30 to -40 weather in a school bus that had to drive us 12 miles from home. Now kids get a snow day if the temp drops a few degrees below freezing. Give me a break and pass the Xanax and wine.

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