Runny noses….velcro on diapers?…..and I still have no patience for Dora — My evening babysitting


Yesterday I babysat for some friends of mine so they could attend a wedding that children were not allowed to attend. I don’t think I have ever heard of such a thing but sure enough it was stated on the wedding invite.

I learned a few things while watching their two adorable kids last night:

I still have the knack for giving little kids medicine. The mother explained that I may have to pin down little Eva to give her the medicine because she just simply throws a fit…..I told that parents not to worry that I got it covered. Although it’s been quite sometime (15 years) that I had to negotiate with a toddler to take his/her medicine… all came back to me within minutes. Little Eva ( 2 yrs old) saw that I had the medicine in my hand and she started to panic……I picked her up and put her on the counter. “Do you want Jello?” …. she nodded her head…..  “ok well first you need to take your medicine and then you can have your jello”…..without any issues she took her medicine, we high-fived and I gave her a jello cup.   (score!!)

When did they start putting Velcro on diapers?  I’m thankful that Eva was very patient with me while trying to put on her diaper. I thought it would be easy as easy can be…..but now I can relate to my dad when I left him with my oldest daughter when she was a newborn only to come back with her diaper on backwards. It took me a couple of minutes to put this diaper on…..I couldn’t find the sticker tabs………….you know why? because now diapers have Velcro tabs….how flipping cleaver and convenient!!!

Toys have gotten louder or maybe my ears are just sensitive… they are getting louder!  music and voice activated toys ….wow…..even sit and spin lights up and plays music. WHAT?? the little girl in me wanted to hop on that thing and have a spin, but I know my fat ass wouldn’t get it to spin so I just stared on in jealousy as Eva and Tyler had a go at it.

I have concluded that Dora the Explorer is just as irritating as Barney. No Dora, I don’t want to get up and Mumbo with you …. and no Dora I could care less where the stupid present is, and you can try to teach me Spanish but if my freshman Spanish teacher failed at it more than likely you will too…… and Dora, it’s been 14 years and you’re wearing the same dang outfit….it’s time change!!


I can still spend hours playing dress up and partaking in pretend tea time!  Eva and I had so much fun with her trunk full of necklaces!!


Once nighttime came and Eva had to go to bed, it was time to entertain six-year-old Tyler………he didn’t want to play in his room full of cars….or legos that covered the floor; he wanted to watch television. SpongeBob was out of the question per the request of the parents so it was Nick Jr and Disney Channel. Finally around eight we settled on watching the Princess and the Frog…………now, I’m not sure about you but I never saw this Disney movie. This Disney princess is one I am not familiar with but that was fine because I was receiving the background story from him, considering we missed thirty minutes of it. As he was watching the movie, I grabbed my Nook and started reading.

“Whatcha reading?”

“ohhh just a story”

“about what ??? ”

“Vampires” ok so I lied to the kid……I knew if I said it’s about Fae, Unseelie, Seelies and other strange creatures he’s going to want me to explain what they are and I was too tired. Watching little ones are exhausting.

“VAMPIRES???  you’re not going to read it out loud are you because I don’t want to be scared?”

“No, I won’t read it out loud”

While I was trying to read………. the questions continued.

“do you know why frogs legs are long?”, “do you know why the girl frog is crying?” , “do you know why the bug is dead?” , “why haven’t you ever seen this movie? you have kids ….didn’t you want to take them to see this movie?” …… I told him my kids were to old to want to see this movie but if he wanted to know all about Cinderella then I can answer any questions that he may have. He had none.


I picked up my Nook and began reading again………….


“it’s Jolene”

“are you reading in your head?”


“good because I don’t want to get scared….are you scared?”


“ok…..why is it nighttime?”

I put my Nook away and rattled off answers while texting my husband that I hope our kids don’t make us grandparents anytime soon!! …..well give or take five years.


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