Please help…..and explain Tumblr to me


Please explain the purpose of this new addition to social media, is it mainly to post pictures? quotes? is it a different form of blogging? I’m so confused……maybe there is a “Tumblr for Dummies” out there. Yeah I know I can probably Google my way around finding out what exactly tumblr is and how it will benefit me…..but what fun is that when I can ask you.

I did create a Tumblr account to see what all the hoopla is all about ….. but as of right now, I’m not feeling it.


8 thoughts on “Please help…..and explain Tumblr to me

  1. Tumblr has a purpose?!

    I think it was supposed to be a means of sharing pics/photos or something. But, I dunno. I haven’t cared to get too familiar with it. I think someone said you can blog on there. That idea confused me, based on what I’ve seen of the site.

  2. I was on it for awhile and figured it out with a little research. This is the site teens are migrating to in masses to get away from Facebook. One they think Facebook is old fashion and the main reason they want to get away from the spying eyes of their parents. So just think of it as a Facebook for teens. I am a stranger to your site but I do find it interesting. Sorry to butt in on your post

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