I know I’m getting old because ……

1. Eye of the Tiger (which was in the movie Rocky) was recently referenced by a co-worker as “OH  this song brings me back” he’s 23.  Really? he wasn’t even born when this song came out!!!  …. I was eight and totally submerged in the eighties!!!


2. I’d rather go to bed at 9:00 pm then stay up till midnight just because I can.


images (5)

4.   When I walked into an antique shop I saw this :


5.   I’ve heard myself tell my children to turn down their Ipod because I can hear it from the other room.

images (6)

6.  I can’t for the life of me figure how to use a playstation or xbox controller……just make it simple like Nintendo. My son would get so frustrated with me and pretty much gave up when I started to do this :


7.  I buy anti-wrinkle cream and tightening cream to avoid the onset of wrinkles. (I fear that my face will start sagging like my mothers….and I am going to fight that anyway I can)

8.  I am in denial about arm jiggle …… enough said.

images (7)









12 thoughts on “I know I’m getting old because ……

  1. … (sigh)… I feel you. But really whatever happened to donkey kong, and zelda, I can’t even stand to watch somebody else play the modern games… and the scrolling down to find your year is hilarious.. I knew I was old when there was three of us in the room and two of us were telling the other about this great movie and the third person said that she didn’t want to see any old movies and we were like, it’s not old it’s from the 80s and then she informed us she was born in 93’… what? noooooo

    • ohhhh no…… the 80’s should never be considered OLD in any circumstance!!!! …..but I kind of know how my husband feels when he watches a John Wayne movie or the Andy Griffith show and I sit there and say “ohhh we are going to watch an oldie but goodie……does it bring you back to the good old days”…… he’s 14 years older than me.

  2. I can totally relate! I was 12 when “Eye of the Tiger” was released.

    My seven-year-old son is using computers in school, and I told him that we didn’t have computers when I was his age. He then asked me very innocently, “Did you have to use a horse and buggy to go places?”

    • hahahaha….ohhh how funny!!!!

      A few years back, I pulled into a gas station….as I was rummaging for change at the bottom of my purse I noticed a father and son (probably 6 years old) walking into the store….the son looked confused at what stood in front of him and said “Dad….what is that?” ….. “son that’s a payphone…you put money in it and so you can call people”…..”did you ever use one of those weird phones”……the dad nodded.


      • That is hilarious! I tried to explain the concept of VHS tapes to my son, but he couldn’t quite comprehend. I didn’t even have any tapes to show him! They are long gone.

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