Grocery store fiasco

Nothing irritates me more than getting home from the grocery store, unpacking the items  only  to realize that the dumbass bagger didn’t bag all my items or just plain forgot to put the last bag in my cart ….. just my luck that the Twizzlers that I had my heart set  on happened to be one of the things that didn’t get into my bag; along with some other yummy items. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I lived a few minutes away but it’s a good twenty minutes from the “good” grocery store. …I pulled the crumpled receipt out of my purse to make sure that I paid for the missing items and that I  wasn’t having some lingering side effects from my Ambien sleep walking episode and simply thinking that I bought the items….sure enough I paid for all the missing items. Then I saw that the cashier highlighted a number  to call and participate in a survey…..hmmmmmm  “Yes Miss Maria I will call and partake in the survey …..and I will be glad to state how you and bagger Travis forgot to load my bag full of 6 items that I am missing….you are probably sitting in the break room chopping on my Twizzlers and freshly baked bread giggling away!! ”


Monday, I decided to take a drive to Little Rock, Arkansas, I was in need of Saffron and apparently Saffron isn’t a big seller in my town or the surrounding cities.… I googled several places and noticed that there was a Whole Foods Market just 40 minutes away, with a quick call …well it wasn’t quick the lady on the other end was missing a few marbles because she had no idea what Saffron was. So I took her word that they did have it and made the short trip to Little Rock…..I had nothing better to do anyways. It took me an extra 15 minutes to find the darn thing…stupid navigator…. “You have reached your destination” it said in its cute accent…..NO I HAVE NOT REACHED MY DESTINATION!! I yelled back in frustration.

Once inside I must have spent an hour wandering the aisles….it took me a few  minutes to locate the  Saffron but I found it….wow $8.00 for the stuff!! I headed to the salad bar and  loaded up a container full of yummy things  for lunch….. Fifty dollars and some change later I got in my car and headed home. …………….. to only find out when I unpacked my goodies that the $8.00 Saffron wasn’t in the bag!!! I went to my car looked under the seats….nope it wasn’t there…… urgh!! I was mad!! It’s not like I was going to make the forty minute trip again and I didn’t bother to call either because what would they do, overnight it? Give me store credit?

It just makes me upset….it almost ties with being cart jacked at the grocery store. A few years back I was at our local supermarket shopping for that week…. my cart was pretty full and as I was headed to check out I noticed that the lines were really long, well…..I had to use the bathroom and knew that I couldn’t wait so I placed the cart next to the women’s bathroom door……a few minutes pass…..once out of the bathroom I noticed my cart went missing. I looked around and even asked an employee if they knew where my cart had disappeared to and of course I got a blank stare, like I was speaking a foreign language. Then I saw one of the employees pushing a cart full of items……I looked …..and looked again and sure enough, wouldn’t you know it my things were on the bottom of this over flowing cart. “hmmmm that was my cart…those are my items under the rest of the things you placed on top….that’s my bread which is now a flattened mess”….. “Well I asked around and no one claimed it” said Little Miss Attitude…… I never had the urge to bitch slap someone before…..but I now knew what it would feel like because I was beyond pissed “You asked around? did it EVER occur to you why the cart was near the bathroom door? did you peak inside and ask whose cart that was?” …..she asked me if I wanted her to remove all the items…..I looked at her and said “well let’s see…my bread is flat…..the eggs are probably cracked and the fruit probably bruised….don’t worry I will spend ANOTHER hour in this crowded store thank you very much!! ”



4 thoughts on “Grocery store fiasco

  1. Go to your happy place…or you’re gonna snap Chicka! I love the whole foods in Pleasant Ridge shopping center. It’s just so dang expensive. They have a chicken sausage in their meat market that is divine though.

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