My first (and last…I hope) sleepwalking experience.

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I have been battling with insomnia for quite sometime, it seems to have gotten worse over the last few months which seems to trigger my migraines. I have taken pretty much all the over the counter sleep meds, tried the calming teas but it seems those have worn out their welcome and have no effect on me anymore. So last week I decided to go to the doctors to try to get a handle on my insomnia and my migraines.

She put me on Ambien and Amitriptyline for sleep. She said to take both at the same time to get the sleep that I needed. I waited till Friday to take it because I didn’t want to feel groggy while at work. Well, let me just say …………. I am missing a few hours.

Friday night I got ready for bed, turned the t.v on and read for a little while. Next thing I can recall is walking into the front room seeing my husband on the couch and saying to myself “don’t walk like you’re medicated….walk in a straight line, don’t walk like your medicated”  I grabbed a desert cup from the freezer and walked back into the bedroom. I then briefly remember sharing this desert with my furkid, Dart. Then …..nothing…..I blacked out.

The next morning, I woke up feeling rested but a little groggy…….but then I felt a throbbing pain in my left knee. “What the hell?” I looked down and noticed it was swollen and it looked like rug burn on my knee cap. Then I got out of bed and looked in the mirror………”what the heck am I wearing?” ……. I wasn’t in what I had put on last night. I somehow managed to change into a purple top and shorts. I noticed that I had moved a picture of my husband to my dresser…..I moved the dogs collars to the bathroom…..then here’s the scary thing, I noticed my ambien wasn’t were I had originally put it……it was at that moment I remembered taking another one during the night.  THIS WAS BAD!!! I walked into the closet and noticed that a red shirt was laying on the ground….hmmmm I must have tried that on to but opted to wear purple for my sleep walking excursion. I sat back on my bed…..trying to recall what i did throughout the night. I looked at my phone and noticed I had Facebook messaged my daughter…….how in the world she was able to make sense of anything that I had written is beyond me. I spoke about passwords and who get my dogs? simply craziness!! I guess I had experienced what they called the “Ambien sleepwalk”.

I never asked my hubby if he noticed anything weird or if he knew how I hurt my knee…..I mean did he hear me shout “Ouch…damn it” …did he hear a thud and come to investigate? or did he just think “ohhhh Jolene is just moving about in the bedroom”.

I know for certain I will NEVER take both at the same time……but I did get some much-needed sleep!!


13 thoughts on “My first (and last…I hope) sleepwalking experience.

  1. Ew….blacking out and not being in control of my own body is one of the reasons I never like doing street drugs when I was younger. I didn’t like not being able to control what my body did or saw. Ick..

    On a different note, I used that exact same image in a post I wrote back in May:
    If you scroll down a bit, it’ll be towards the bottom. I used it in reference to a different subject but it works in both situations.

  2. YIPES! I never took any of those meds, by I used to sleepwalk frequently when I worked night shift…one time, I urinated on my own bathroom floor, thinking I was camping! It’s funny now, but really at the time, it was scary! I could have been doing anything and not known! I’m glad you’re rested and safe!!!!! 🙂

  3. Scary! I used to sleep walk when I was a young teenager… from all the crap in my life at that time… I remember my mom stopping me from walking out the front door, then I turned around (according to mom) and the part I remember was walking into the wall, which woke me for a sec, I opened my eyes and saw a white blank of nothingness. Have you ever tried the natural stuff? Valerian with Melatonin? Works for me.

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