Daily Prompt: Name that…..you


I always wondered how my parents decided on my name , were they just tired of flipping through the book that held 1,000 baby names and decided to let the radio station pick the fate of my name with the next song that came across their radio?……..or  were they in the throws of pre-baby passion and Dolly Parton came across the airwaves singing ” Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene I’m begging of you please don’t take my man”  and then in an instant they just knew……they both felt it…….and at the same time they whispered “Jolene….if it’s a girl we will name her Jolene”.

As a kid I hated my name……hate is being too kind. I loathed the first day of school or when we had a substitute teacher because it never failed…..a teacher would have to belt out the first couple lines of the song as I try my best to wish myself some place else. As an adult it didn’t get any better but I tolerated it…………  “ohhh you’re name is Jolene, like the song?”  No shit Sherlock, I would quietly say to myself hoping they wouldn’t try their best to mimic Dolly Parton. Who would have known this song was that popular? Imagine my surprise when I heard Jolene on Glee……crazy!

Looking back ….. would I want my name to be any different??  I don’t look like a Cathy, Brenda or Samantha……..Jennifer and Ann wouldn’t do either. I’ve grown to accept my name…..I guess being named Jolene isn’t soooo bad…..at least my name isn’t Hildagard. (sorry if that’s your name..no offense)

Daily Prompt : Name that …… you


23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Name that…..you

  1. My mom wanted to name me Alicia…. my dad won out. She vetoed his idea of Hollis thankfully. I’ve never met a nice Alicia so I think I prefer Hollie. It is a little irritating though that people always say “Oh, you must have been born around Christmas!” Nope…summer solstice. I’m constantly called Molly by mistake. As I kid I just wished they had thought out my middle name a little better. It is Ann, which is fine, except for that my initials spell HAM.

    • From what I was told my dad wanted to name me Jacqueline…because he’s name is Jack.

      My daughters middle name is Ann, but it just fit her…..Ashley Ann.

      When my kids dad and I were trying to figure out a name for them….I made sure their initials didn’t spell out anything that would embarrass them……I’ve seen some horrific initials…I often wondered if the parents even realized it or if they did it just to be funny.

      • I had the hardest time naming my son with my ex husband. He suggested if we had a girl we name her Stacy. When I asked why he said ‘she was the one that got away.’ I should have left him right then. He hate every name I suggested, including Owen..until he saw it in a baby book and when it was ‘his idea’ it was ok.

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  3. I love the name Jolene! It has a lovely ring to it.

    I grew up with that song! My dad raised me on country music, so “Jolene” was played in our house quite often when I was younger.

    • When my kids were little and we would visit my parents……they (with the help of grandma) would put the record on and blast the song….it irritated me to NO END!! but they would giggle and run outside!!


      Ohhh….not sure if you ever sent in your guest blogger post….I just haven’t received it and I knew you were working on it.

      • Aww, sorry that you were picked on! 🙂

        I am revising the post. I originally wrote it last year, so I am having to touch it up and make it more presentable. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I love Dolly Parton…I love that song…and your name 🙂 my parents were teenagers when they had me, so I got a rhyming name…Tia Maria! The name of their favorite Mexican restaurant! Awesome isn’t it?

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  6. I think you have a pretty name. Imagine the horrors of living through life being called ‘Disneyland’ or worse have a name like ‘niceboy’. I swear I know his personally. Ive blogged bout it too. You can’t make up crap like that..oh well you can, his parents did..lol! Poor fella, I dunno why he doesn’t just change it..

  7. I love that name, I love that song too! I think Jolene is quite pretty, but I understand what you are saying. People sing to me “Evie, Evie, Evie let your hair hang down!” It’s an old 70s song!

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