Want to be a Guest Blogger?


You can write about anything (within reason)……you know that I am a “pretty much say what’s on my mind” kinda gal.  I want to make Thursday the day I share the work of a Guest Blogger, so if you are interested send me your post to valleygirlgonecountry@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you soon!!



19 thoughts on “Want to be a Guest Blogger?

    • looking forward to it……why don’t you write about your alias “topaz”…I know there are some of us out there that may want to know how you came about that name.

      • Haha. It’s actually very brief: Topaz is my birthstone (November). That’s the only reason. Plus, I like the way the word looks and sounds.

        So there’s my blog post! j/k

        Since my wife is from Japan, I have tons of interesting anecdotes regarding cultural differences and miscommunication between us. I can write something about that.

        Actually, I’m glad you’re allowing guest bloggers because I would like to write about these things on my blog. But, as you know, I’ve already pigeon-holed my blog as a Catholic/mental health thing, so I feel that I can’t.

        I would love to write about my marriage on my blog because we have so many weird and interesting moments. I’m just afraid that I would confuse readers if I start writing about just anything.

        • I JUST KNEW IT!!!! I had a feeling it was your birthstone….but then I was like “it couldn’t be that easy!!” ……. you can write about whatever your heart desires Topaz!! My sister and her husband spent three years in Japan when they were in the military….I enjoyed hearing all about her adventures!!

          • Haha!! That’s too funny. Yep, it turned out to be that easy!

            There are several different colors of topaz, but for some reason, my mother told me my birthstone was yellow topaz when I was very young. To this day, I still consider yellow-colored topaz to be “mine.” The influence of mothers. LOL

  1. I have a post that’s almost ready to go. I’ve included pics. Should I send those as attachments and just mention where they should be placed in the text?

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