All in the family – WordPress Family Award


When I started blogging, I noticed the “WordPress Family Award” being given to fellow bloggers. Honestly, I didn’t really think much of this award at first. I thought this award was given to bloggers that focused their blogs on FAMILY, hence the picture of the family and the word “family” on the award…. it wasn’t until  I stopped and actually read about the award that I fully realized what it meant to be recognized in such a way.

Imagine my surprise when three wonderful bloggers Zooboo,Whimical eclecticist,Mostly True Ramblings nominated me for the “WordPress Family Award”…. I jumped for joy and felt extremely blessed, because really I’ve only been blogging on WordPress since May and in a way we are like family here at WordPress…..yeah some of you are a little bit crazy (not psycho crazy), you say it like it is, you make me laugh and you have also tugged at my heart.

I thank each and every one of you for making me feel like I am part of the Word Press family!!!

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My nominees for the Word Press Family Award are :

Imperfectly Perfect

Dating Dramas of a thirty something

Don of all trades 

Lisa Johnson Sawyer

Suzie 81

The Psych Ward

Cowboys and Crossbones

Life a work in progress

Life: everyone has one


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