Daily Prompt: Liar Liar …. soooo busted!!


“Your height?” …. “5’5” I answered.

“How much do you weigh” …… “140 pounds”

She looked at me and she knew …..she knew I lied but typed it in anyways…… as she repeated “140” slowly, she looked at me once again over her red rimmed glasses waiting for me to come clean …… she knew I was lying, I knew it to but I wasn’t about to say my TRUE number out loud. It’s no ones business. Plus, that’s my goal weight…..well really 130 is but she would totally call the DMV police over and have me step on a scale. I will get there again…..really, just a bottle of Alli, a strict diet and no more wine will get me back down there again….I’m not that far.

Who doesn’t fib a little when it comes to their weight? Well, except you skinny people …. You probably stand there proudly and shout out your number. GOOD FOR YOU!! (as I stuff a double fudge cookie in my mouth and wash it down with my glass of Merlot). I knew I shouldn’t have said 140….I mean that’s a bit of a stretch….but I’ve been meaning to join a gym and start “running” but it’s so gosh darn humid out that I sweat as soon as I go outside!! scalecry http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/daily-prompt-fake/


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Liar Liar …. soooo busted!!

  1. Hahahaha! I am right there with you, not just in lying about the weight but scoffing down the double fudge cookie too. And yes, I’ve been meaning to join the gym and run too. Wait a minute, are you me?

  2. LOL, I just ate cheesecake for supper. I ate it in moderation though. I do exercise but I figure once you pass 40 people just assume you’re sick if you don’t have some meat on your bones.

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