My trip to the “Toy” Store

Disclaimer : If you have a problem with any sort of talk about vibrators or visits to a “Toy” store then please read my other not so revealing posts. If you are my adult daughter then stop right here and don’t read on…………….remember, this is my blog and I write about anything my heart desires….and today my heart desired a trip to a “toy” store.

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“Hi!! If there is anything I can help you with just let me know” said a very cheerful woman behind the counter.  Knowing that I was on a time crunch I went up to the counter, told her that I was looking for the vibrators.  “Is this your first time here?” ….. I told her that it was and this news really excited her which excited me. “well let me show you around… you can see we have lingerie, costumes, gels, oils”  as she was giving me a little tour of this swanky little store I couldn’t believe it took me this long to stop in. This wasn’t your average raunchy toy store with the perve in the corner staring you up and down as he makes his way into one of those “private” rooms…..this place was quite welcoming. Then she took me to the corner of the store where a nice purple velvety curtain hung “and HERE are the toys”……was that a chorus of angels singing as the curtain parted?

toysthis isn’t a picture of the actual store

Now, this isn’t my first, second  or third trip to one of these establishments…..I have always believed that one should explore ones desires and if your partner is willing to partake in some fun then hey EVEN BETTER!!  Plus, I had been single for a long time and contrary to what the ex-husbands would like to think, I didn’t sleep around to the whorish level that they have assumed….why would I when just a couple of batteries, a multi-speed level toy can satisfy me just fine, sometimes more than an actual male.

Once behind the curtain of pleasure I scanned the shelves that held the key to some additional pleasure. Checking the time I knew I had to hurry… many choices so little time…….Little Miss Pleasant headed out so I could be left alone to browse the many choices that stood in front of me……geez I felt like Goldilocks!!!  “This one is WAY too small, this one only has one speed and this one is NOT powerful enough…hmmm this looks doable!”  …..  “How are you doing in here? Can I show you anything?” she proceeded to show me her favorites and sold me on a couple!!   I paid for my goodies and headed out the door with a black bag and a smile!!

I’m excited to show the hubby my new toys considering we have a few of our own that we enjoy from time to time. Before people start to wonder if there is trouble in paradise ……. the thing is I’m 39  (he’s 53) and I have always been very sexual, once or twice a week doesn’t cut it for me ….I get grouchy and very moody if I don’t have a decent orgasm. He knows this and granted sometimes he’s not in the mood or too busy to recognize my sexual needs …..I need to do something to calm this urge and looking elsewhere isn’t an option….unless that option is a battery operated device.

I know some men feel insulted when their woman brings a toy into the bedroom, the mister doesn’t…..he’s encouraged me and even has introduced me to some. I also know that some women may turn their noses up to the thought of such a thing………….all I can say is “don’t knock it until you try it” there are just certain things a man can’t do that a magical toy like those lined on the shelves can.


52 thoughts on “My trip to the “Toy” Store

  1. I’m heading to a concert tomorrow out of town and I got a bonus today at work and my first thought was, “Hey, i can buy a vibrator on my trip!” I should never have gotten rid of the one I had!

  2. I like using toys with a partner – the problem is so many men are intimidated by them or something. Nothing replaces a real live penis attached to a real live man….why can’t they understand the vibrating toy is not to be feared?

    • I’m not sure if they take it as some insult to their manhood or the lack of satisfying their woman, but let me just tell you that I have had several men throw a temper tantrum because I snuck off to have one on one time with my little vibrating friend……or grabbed my vibrator during sex……I mean, come on……I’m not going to wait for you to FIND the spot or rub me raw when I can take care of things right then and there!!

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  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with toys. In fact .. there is absolutely nothing wrong with ANYTHING .. 😉 as long as it’s consensual and no one is hurt in an undesired way ( because there are desired ones 😉 )

    Heck, I even use toys myself 😉

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