Daily Prompt: Dear Mr. Crazy

If she would have loved me as much as she writes about me then we would still be together

This was something Mr. Crazy had written not to long ago on his so-called blog. It was in his admission to following my blog. I thought his statement was quite silly if you ask me. So let me just clarify a few things for him, because it’s time for him to move on.

Dear Mr.Crazy,

First, thank you for saying that I am an amazing writer; amazing hardly…mediocre I will accept and secondly when you are mentioned in one of my posts it’s because either WordPress has a Daily Prompt that may trigger a not so good memory that may benefit others or simply you have overstepped your boundaries in regards to my kids or insulted me on Facebook. Although you posted an apology to my daughter after she contacted you regarding insulting me via Facebook and admitted your wrongful doing it was clearly for show because you sent her the link to your website where it’s full of lingering depression and hate for her mother.

Yes, your alias is Mr.Crazy because simply you are, plus you’re license plate THAT YOU CREATED states this….which should have clued me in on the man I would soon be involved with.

Our relationship/marriage was something that should have never happened. We were both in a place where we were longing for someone to love and I guess fill that place where loneliness resides. We may have been better off friends than lovers but maybe not. Our relationship didn’t work….we were like oil and vinegar, fire and water, cat and dog, Newman and Seinfeld. We were constantly in therapy because of our different views on life, marriage and raising our children. You would often go back on your promises, especially ones instructed by our counselor….remember the “no contacting my first husband and discussing our relationship with him or YOUR MOTHER”…..well you broke that many times over………..yes I get it, you have this obsession to be His Royal Highness (1st husband), to fit in, to be accepted by him and his friends…….you pretty much made your choice pretty much like I choose Lily (furgirl) over you.

Yes, I settled when I married you. Yes, I should have never married with the thought of “well I guess this is all there is” and I shouldn’t have married you knowing that you would never measure up to the one man my heart craved for years …… if no other man from my past was able to conquer this large feat than how could you? Yes, me and this man stayed friends but we never crossed those lines while you and I were together, (living under the same roof) contrary to what you believe and what you have told others….I never cheated on you. I never contacted him in the wee hours of the night like you did with your co-worker……it was purely a friendship, he knew I wouldn’t break my vows no matter how dysfunctional our marriage was. Yes, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that there was a slight possibility that we could reconcile our marriage but seriously I only said this so you wouldn’t attempt suicide again and although we visited your therapist a couple of times, he knew that this marriage was over just as much as I did. You lashed out at your anger management counselor when he didn’t agree with the way you were thinking. WHO DOES THAT??  after your outburst I knew your classes weren’t having any effect. ……and he was right when he said “Divorce happens it’s no ones fault”

Our marriage was doomed from the start…..I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I hurt you but you ended up not being the man who you portrayed yourself to be. I fell out of love with you way before that dreadful day and as much as you want to think I didn’t try hard enough to make this marriage work……I did. I tried. EVERYONE saw this….but I was not going to continue to live in a harmful,dysfunctional environment for twenty plus years…..I wasn’t going to be one of those women who just stays …to stay…because if I learned anything from my experience when I left my first husband at the age of 22…..if I could survive that; I could survive anything.

Just to clarify and make this easy for you to understand………….when you are mentioned it is to shed light on a relationship that was not positive, I write about how it affected me and the outcome of the situation. I write in hopes that my story reaches someone who is currently going through the same thing……who is with someone with Bi-Polar, who has anger issues, who has stalker tendencies, who enjoys playing the “my wife cheated on me” card (which I never did……our marriage ENDED on that one horrible day,  who I did or saw after that dreadful day is my business…..I didn’t cheat on you while we were living together……but if you are basing your accusations on what happened after THAT day….then you cheated as well). I write because it’s cheaper than therapy……but I also write because I know my story, my experiences, my journey can help someone. It’s that simple…..I don’t bring you up because I secretly long for you so please don’t think that. You have good qualities about you but you allow others to influence the person you are truly meant to be, you haven’t found YOU yet and I don’t believe that you will find true love until you do.


18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Dear Mr. Crazy

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    • Thank you !! I have been contemplating this post for quite sometime. ……………this picture just reminds me that I can be somewhat cute when I put in the effort.


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  7. I’d just like to say – that what you write IS helpful to others. Some of us are in similar situations, and it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones going through it. Stay strong!

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  9. Well mom I love you! Lol haha you have grown soooooo much (personaly and emotionaly) since those years….. definately able to stand up for yourself …FINALLY! haha no more tag teaming for us …well… maybe 😉 cuz they can be fun! Hahahahaha anyways I love you! Miss you! And have a good day!

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