Time to come clean

OK, I admit it…..I did it, but I couldn’t resist this yellow and green box packed with vibrant colors!!  While I was contemplating my plan to make this box my own I could only imagine what amazing creations I could make.  I looked down the aisle…..no one, so I grabbed the box of Crayola crayons and stuffed it into my Strawberry Shortcake purse.

Now mind you, I didn’t go for the tiny 8 pack. I went for the box of 24!!! Maybe it was the built-in sharpener in the back of the box that sold me but if was going to do this I was going to go big!! after I concealed my treasure, I ran back to my mother and continued our trip to the grocery store.

When we got home I quickly went to my room and took out MY box of crayons, opened them up and stared on in amazement at all the in tacked crayons because the crayons in my crayon box were broken, wrappers taken off or just plain…………..used.  As I was in the middle of creating my newest masterpiece my mother came in my room looked at the box of crayons and asked “where did you get those?” Crap, I didn’t plan out an alibi at all………..so the only thing my 7-year-old pony tailed self could come up with is that it was a party favor from a party we had at school for a classmates birthday. Now, maybe if I would have thrown in a name, my story may have been believable…but she wasn’t buying it. So she brought me to the kitchen table with evidence in tow and had my father proceed with the interrogation. Geez, you would have thought he would have gone a little easy on me considering I was only 7 yrs old and not some of his REAL criminals he arrested earlier that day,  but he got the truth out of me…..even my crocodile tears didn’t save me.

I seriously thought that was it. I told the truth so give me back the crayons. No such luck!! My mom grabbed me and the stolen box of crayola crayons and took me back to the store where I had to confess my thievery to the manager. Yeah, I had to endure a lengthy talk about right and wrong all the while I thought to myself “dude you need to steal some gum your breath stinks”.

I went home that night empty-handed and was sent straight to my room……………grounded of course.

So now that I confessed…..what did you steal?


15 thoughts on “Time to come clean

  1. I once stole the neighbors landscaping. When I was about 7, I was allowed to roam the neighborhood; unattended in those days. I walked by this house where they had just laid this white rock along the side of their home. I thought those rocks would look wonderful in front of our home, so, I took a small coffee can and filled it, repeatedly, walking up the street to collect them, then back home to put in the area around the garden faucet. After about the fifth trip a little voice inside told me it was wrong what I was doing, so I stopped. I never got caught (couldn’t figure that out, because I did it in broad daylight) and all my father said was, “Where did these rocks come from?” I think that was my first real fascination with landscaping… to this day I am always dreaming up ways to landscape my yard, but, now I pay for my items. 🙂

  2. Maiden stuck his hand up one of those toy dispensers and grabbed a toy. I made him go back to the store and return it.
    Conner said ” hey Maiden now when you get old enough to go to confession you’ll have something to say to the priest!” LOL!

  3. Aiden stuck his hand up one of those toy dispensers at the grocery store. On the way home Conner said “look mom Maiden has a new toy”. I took him back to the store and told him he needed to return it and tell the lady he was sorry. He did but poor kid was so upset that he did something wrong.
    On the way home Conner said ” now you have something to say when you go to confession at church!” LOL !

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  5. I once went through a period of stealing greeting cards in middle school. I guess it was cool to hand cards out to your friends…..or I was just a giant dork, which was probably more likely the case 🙂

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