What’s more important a log splitter or a laptop??


A few weeks ago, I approached my husband and asked if it would be ok if I used the credit card to purchase a new laptop.  I have been pricing them out for quite some time and I figured it was time to buy a newer one considering my laptops battery is as useless as a screen door on a submarine and he has been using my laptop to play solitaire so trying to write when I get that writing bug is nearly impossible and I’m not one to just say “uhmmm it’s my turn now, give it back!!”

Now, the laptop that I was thinking about getting was on sale for $300!!!  No big deal right? I guess I could have used my card but he likes to get the points when we use the main credit card…..anyways……so when I approached him with this idea I made a pretty good plea  but it was met with  “honey, we can’t afford to make any purchases right now on the card”. OK, I get it ……he’s been buying a lot of outside “toys” to maintain our yard, like a $1700 riding lawn mower and all the goodies that go along with that. So instead of a new laptop, I upgraded my Nook which is like a tablet and I love it…….side note: I didn’t use THE card, I used my money…..plus if I get antsy to write I will just write on my tablet.

images (1)The other day he “matter of factly” told me that he was going to buy a log splitter this week. I shrugged my shoulders and said ok…..but then I asked what a log splitter was…..seriously can’t you split a log with an ax and didn’t I just buy one for him a few weeks back? He went into detail about this woodsy contraption and then I asked. “So how much does this log splitter cost?”….. “ohhh about $300”. HOLD THE PHONE Paul Bunyan!!!  I am not sure if it was just the migraine talking or my lack of patience on this subject but I said “but just a couple weeks ago you said that we couldn’t afford for me to buy a lap top for that amount but we can afford a log splitter?”…..of course he had an explanation to why his purchase was  more valid than mine……he started off saying  “well, you just want a newer laptop; all you need is a new battery and it’s not like you can’t plug it in…..I don’t have a log splitter”.  That was his argument …….I told him Best Buy doesn’t sell those batteries anymore, that I would love to take my laptop to the park and write and yes I mentioned that he uses my laptop all the time. Now….I don’t mind him playing Solitaire or even being on it….I was just trying to make a point which when I am dealing with a mind-numbing migraine my point sucked!

Why does he need a log splitter anyways, it’s not like we live in a place where we really need to stock up on firewood…..we don’t live in Minnesota where it gets tons of snow in the winter…. He’s never used the fireplace in the last 4 years, plus it doesn’t work. So what’s with the urgency for all this firewood? I understand he is enjoying clearing the downed trees and mangled brush from a tornado that ravaged the town a couple years ago but how is that beautifying OUR yard? it’s not….he’s clearing the brush behind our fence.

I guess what annoys me the most is  instead of telling me from the get go “No I don’t think a new laptop is a good idea” he told me that we couldn’t afford it….but I knew something like this was going to come up anyways. If it was a purchase for some new motorcycle gear or some outdoor equipment that can cut off a limb I knew eventually we would have a discussion why his toy is more important than mine…..well mine wouldn’t leave me fingerless or in the emergency room!!      See, I should have said that!!


16 thoughts on “What’s more important a log splitter or a laptop??

    • yeah…normally I would have. In my failed marriages this was the case hahaha…..but knowing that his ex-wife would go behind his back and make purchases of obscene amounts and how this was a major problem I thought I would just ask. Well, the just asking didn’t help…..it just proved my point that when he wants to buy something he deems important then he will but when I want to purchase something that I deem important there’s a reason why I shouldn’t or can’t!!!

  1. A laptop that works is an emergency. There’s always room on the credit card for emergencies. A log-splitter is not an emergency. Call 999 or 911 after you split him with his log-splitter. Emergency! 🙂 x

  2. Now I don’t understand the log splitter but I understand laptops. Sharing is caring, but hell a log splitter. I hope you get a new laptops soon. Real soon. Ivan

    • Thanks Ivan!! yeah a log splitter really??? seriously…..this is not a necessity…..and I still don’t understand the desire for him to have a wood pile the size of a small village………but to make myself happy “temporarily” I bought a new purse and a couple sweaters…..and I’m saving up for a new laptop!!

      • Good for you nothing like retail therapy. I hope the wood splitter fulfills your husbands needs as much as your retails therapy. I am lucky that my partner actually does not mind what I buy as long as it does not effect our cash flow radically. Relationships are hard but then so is wood that needs to be split, he. He. He. Move along and hope those new clothes make you look real good. Ivan

  3. Haha. I like your last paragraph. We husbands always seem to get caught up in our own lies! I quit fibbing to my wife long ago because she has a law degree and would win every single argument — even though English is not even her first language!

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