Beat out by Charmin


Seriously Freshly Pressed committee???  TP or NOT TP?? ….. I know it’s not a competition of sorts but in a way I feel as though I was beat out by the very thing I wipe my ass with.

I know it’s highly unlikely that the Freshly Pressed committee would recognize a newbie like myself or find my writing ability to be less than Freshly Pressed worthly but there is that little ray of hope that I have that one day I would get that email stating that I was “Freshly Pressed”.I even went to bat for the FP committee when I read a post that stated that the committee only chooses those who are white, which I thought was ludicrous!!! not like this little rant is going to get me to that spot; it would most likely get me black balled for a few years. Don’t get me wrong and misread this post….I am very happy to those that get recognized especially the very talented blogger, Donofalltrades!!!   All of you that have been recognized are truly deserving!!

It’s just Monday …. I didn’t get much sleep …..and well I just have the guts to say what many are thinking!!   kidding….seriously I’m kidding!!


15 thoughts on “Beat out by Charmin

  1. I say “whatever” to the whole Fresh Pressed thing . As long as I get a comment here and there about how a post of mine helped someone, then that’s all I care about.

  2. One day you will get a fresh pressed. Me, never. I talk to much about sex and other random things. I am not “inspirational” in the least. And if they don’t pick you, then they have some BS criteria.

  3. Lol, Jolene, you’re crazy, girl! Thanks for not lumping me in the with the two ply crowd over on FP! You’ll get yours I’m sure of it. I wondered if I ever would and then watched as bloggers I sort of broke into blogging with get FP’d, then decided that I didn’t care if it ever happened, then got an email saying I was and then decided that it was the best fucking thing since TP again! Of course, I was recognized for a post that isn’t like what I normally talk about, so when my new followers read my next post most of them will be scratching their heads and running over each other to get out the door. I like my core groups of followers who’ve stayed with me and told me when stuff I’ve written sucks. You’ll probably get the nod when you least expect it. Thanks again! You’re the bomb!

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