Daily Post: Procrastination

I have been putting off redoing the master bathroom for months now. I was actually going to start peeling off the dreadful looking wallpaper a couple of weeks ago when I thought the Misters brother and wife were going to stay with us for the weekend but when I found out that they had a change of plans then the urgency to fix it up pretty much went to the bottom of my to do list and to be honest with you I don’t have a to do list.

Here’s a picture of the this wallpaper gone bad …. what were the previous owners thinking!!


Now, I know the process isn’t going to be that hard, I redid the guest bathroom in a few days but when I am given free reign to do whatever I want one day and then I’m told a couple of days later that he wants me to show him the colors first I get kind of annoyed. He should trust me that I won’t make it all girly but now he’s telling me that I should put wallpaper up where the shower is because if I paint the walls it will  mildew….the point is to get rid of the wallpaper NOT to put more up. Did he NOT remember that I painted the whole guest bathroom and there is no signs of mildew or removal of paint because of the stem? I ended up losing all interest in picking colors and design after his lack of faith that I will do a great job…….he loved the guest bathroom once it was done. He just needs to stick with beautifying the outside and let me handle the inside…….but instead of redoing the bathroom I redid my office.


I actually moved my office to a smaller one across the hall. The one that I was in was too big ….yeah I know some people love the feel of a big office but I actually feel cozier in a smaller office. So with a couple new pictures a plant and a few things here and there I feel that my office is much more welcoming…….the hideous wallpaper in the bathroom can wait!!

NOW….today instead of cleaning, I’m writing…………I saw todays Daily Post on Procrastinating and thought “I totally got this one!”  I put down the can of Pledge grabbed my laptop and here I am. The dust can wait…..it’s been there for two days while I laid in bed fighting a migraine it can wait a few  more minutes!!

There is one thing that I’m no longer procrastinating on and that is finally giving in and making Valley Girl Gone Country it’s own .com I bought the self hosting space and I think in a few short weeks it will be up and running, but I will let you all know when you can go visit ValleyGirlGoneCountry.com ….. You can go visit now but there’s nothing really there. I have been sitting on this news for the last few days, I was really excited to share the news with the Mister, which I did today…………he didn’t say much, actually he didn’t say anything….not even “ohhh that’s great”…I think I would have been happy with “great” he just looked over at me. Well, I’m excited ….. I’m just hoping that I am able to just carry this site and all of you with me over to the new  one without losing any of you wonderful bloggers who follow me.

Well, I better get moving ……  I have a lot of things that I need to get done, like tackling the spare room that has boxes and boxes of my things. It’s suppose to be a home office but right now it is home to boxes of books, photo albums and soooo much more. I just need to more everything to the shed but that can wait to!!


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