Dear Migraine….I’m missing a weenie roast because of you!

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With every step I took it felt as though Godzilla was raging terror inside my brain, sounds were intensified and light ohhh don’t get me started I felt like a vampire ready to surrender to the darkness but truly finding a cool dark place in this house was impossible, well I guess I could have laid inside the closet…..but I think the Mister would have thought I had finally lost it.

I feel somewhat human  today and when I say “somewhat” I mean I can walk a straight line and not feel as though I am recovering from an all nighter with a bottle of Patron, I can tolerate light and Godzilla is no longer raging havoc inside my head it feels more like a couple of smurfs using my head as a bouncy castle. I hate when I get migraines they are so debilitating and totally unnecessary really. I hate that the last two days have been wasted due to unbearable pain that nothing I took seemed to ease the pain, not even a double dose of my migraine medicine did the trick.

What really annoyed me the most was that I wasn’t able to write, from time to time I did grab my tablet and with sunglasses on I caught up on some “must read” posts…..this migraine was really inconveniencing my WordPress time, catching up on my girly shows that have been patiently waiting for me to watch on the DVR , the laundry wasn’t going to do itself and going to a baseball game was totally out of the question….today we were suppose to go to a Weenie Roast but that isn’t going to happen considering I’m not feeling a hundred percent, I’m pretty bummed about it because I’ve never attended a Weenie Roast before …… would only  hot dogs served? would we gather around a fire pit roasting our weenies over the fire?? Would there be pigs-n-a blanket as an appetizer? I guess there will be other weenie roasts in my future so I should stop being a weenie, right?


17 thoughts on “Dear Migraine….I’m missing a weenie roast because of you!

  1. I truly feel your pain….almost weekly! I have been getting migraines since I was 18. They have gotten worse over the years. The only thing that helps is complete darkness, quite and sleep.

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