I acted like a kid in a candy store

The other day I walked into PetSmart to find Lily (furgirl) a turtle, no not a REAL turtle a stuffy. She’s become OBSESSED with trying to find the turtle who made its brief appearance on Monday every day this week so I thought that I would get her a stuffed turtle to ease her obsession.  As I walked inside I was beyond excited to see what was displayed in front of me……..I seriously was more excited than a kid in a candy store!! It was time for me to pick out a costume for Lily and Dart!!!


download (1)

rows and rows of cute costumes lined the aisle and end caps…..I was beside myself with glee!!!  Should they dress in theme like last year when they were The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood


pups1                dart


Should they go as someone from Grease?

download (2)         download (3)

Then I saw more costumes ….. Super Hero’s ……Boy Scout and Brownie…….Police or Inmate……Rodeo rider and cowgirl…… I would have submitted pictures but I was getting looked at by several PetSmart employees. I’m soooooo excited!!!!



This was Lily a few years ago when she was rockin her Pirates costume!!

Ohhh and as far as the turtle….I did find a stuffed turtle for Miss Lily but nothing will replace the real turtle that she hopelessly searches for every time she goes outside!!


11 thoughts on “I acted like a kid in a candy store

  1. I so miss having a puppy running around that I can buy toys and gifts for! We will get one eventually, and my hubby had the nerve to tell me that I can’t dress it up. Pphhh. Halloween costumes are for sure going to happen.

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