This should surprise me ….but it doesn’t.

Have you ever scrolled down on your stats page and have something catch your eye in the Search Engine Terms box??  Well…..something caught my eye today and it was this :

I had a threesome with my sisters   (really?? seriously??)

So, after seeing this I decided to dig deeper….well it wasn’t soooo deep I looked at everything that was ever searched since I started this blog, which was in May. I posted the interesting ones….

California girl gone country (someone *Mr.Crazy* was on the right track to finding my blog)

Valleygirl blogs on wordpress  ( well that would be me )

Facebook potho villej girl  (potho….would that be PHOTO?)

don’t let husband talk you into a threesome

I M stalking her    (WOW, nice admission)

tonto y retonto en la nieve  (uhmm……thank god for google, translation is dumb and retonto in the snow)

ryans roses husband dating wife’s sistta

It’s in your bosom  (admits to looking down)

flush tampons

the bitch in the valley



18 thoughts on “This should surprise me ….but it doesn’t.

      • here ya go…

        how does Sephora schedule their employees
        ncsu 2013 football tryouts
        my before baby bucket list write my last will and testament
        will a friend do a lip lock (which lands me TOP on google-dont hate)
        can best friends lip lock (this also lands me TOP-don’t judge)
        naked asses and boobs (???)
        make the facebook lisa Johnson erase the facebook off my phone (rut roh rel roy)
        victoria secrets sawyer 47 (actually Im kinda diggin this one-and I came up TOP here too…you can hate)

  1. Thats a pretty impressive search engine list! Mine tend to revolve around thirtysomething women and naked selfies. Although my personal favourite is ‘erectile dysfunction makes men want to suck cock’…SINCE WHEN?!!!

  2. Every single day someone searches for “penis selfies” and ends up finding my blog instead. Sometimes someone searches for “black cock” or even “pics of my dick.” Who needs to google search for pics of THEIR dick? Frankly, I’m a little baffled at why anyone would google search for dick pics. I’m concerned for the person that searched “I had a threesome with my sisters.” WTF?!

  3. Looking at search terms is always amusing and enlightening. My two favorites are “naked Ecuador men” (or any number of variations on that wording), and “What is pexting?” Number 2 is truly awesome because it seems to stem from a fake tag I inserted into a post September 2012!

    You’ve got some awesome ones as well!

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