The Heart of the Diamond – total book club material!!

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The Heart of the Diamond, by Carrie Brock was full of intrigue, secrecy, twists and turns and of course  a love triangle but not your average run of the mill-you know what’s coming saga; no, Carrie Brock brings you on adventure that will keep you immersed in this 1800’s romance novel till the very end.

Lady Nicole Langley’s fate was changed the night she climbed through the window to meet her childhood love, Teddy Bartholomew to only be met by a handsome stranger, Blake Dylan otherwise known as the Earl of Diamond. Nicole’s finds herself thrown into an impromptu engagement with Blake Dylan to avoid social disgrace. She tries everything possible to forgo this engagement until her heart takes over but then her true love comes back to town only to find her in the arms of his nemesis. Secrets of the past plague the characters but creates a foundation where love truly conquers all but with every love story there is a villain but although you may suspect that you may know who sheds despair throughout  Langley Hall and Rosewood you won’t  find out until the last few pages of this amazing book.

The Heart of the Diamond was riveting and definitely a page turner. I was actually sad to reach the end of the book wanting to know the future of the characters that I became to know and love.This is definitely one for the book clubs and a must share with your friends!



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