My morning fix

downloadI needed something to wake me up from the lingering effects of the sleep aid that I took last night and the only thing that I knew that would possibly do it, besides a Dr.Pepper would be coffee……and well, tea but I wasn’t feeling like it was a tea day. The only problem is my stomach,it can’t handle coffee….well actually “sometimes” is an understatement, it’s ALL the time…….but knowing the possible consequences I headed on over to Starbucks this morning. Imagine by surprise when I saw that they have a “Skinny Vanilla latte” I can hear all you Starbuckians now “Uhmm lady they have had this for years!!”….maybe so, but for some reason I get so flustered when I’m in line just hoping I don’t mess up my order and say it incorrectly. There’s just so many ways to order a coffee at Starbucks plus when there is a line of people behind me that are antsy to get their caffeine fix asap, I just hurry up and order a tea…..but this time, I ordered a grande SKINNY vanilla latte and prayed that my stomach handles it with ease!

It’s been over a couple of hours since I finished this heavenly drink and let me just say this I’m fully awake and ready to tackle my day with a smile……………..what’s that you say? YES you heard me……with a SMILE!!!

shit….I should start my morning off with a skinny vanilla latte everyday!!!



25 thoughts on “My morning fix

  1. …i’d like to take a Venti “kati kati blend”, no sugar with 3 shots of espresso please and skinny topping on top to go…thank you. its that first sip…where I sip deeply into my coffee’s eyes and gently say…”hello lova”.

  2. I am so addicted to Starbucks that I drank it all the time, knowing it would tear up my stomach each time. Now I don’t have any problems. I guess all those triple shots helped!

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