What the heck is that!!

I haven’t had much to share regarding interesting things coming into our backyard for quite sometime….until now….no, there hasn’t been any snakes visiting Thank GOD or creepy things popping up in our lawn that resemble some alien creature!!! …..but I nearly jumped out of my skin when I almost stepped on this.


“What in the world is that?” I crouched down to inspect it a little closer, I never seen anything like this in the zoo!! I wondered if it was some sort of mini porcupine or a hedgehog…….



Dart wanted to get close but I shooed him away…I was afraid this thing would attack if it felt threatened. “HONEY come here!!!  I have never seen anything like this before” ……he comes over looks down at it, looks at me and starts to laugh. He bends down to grab it and still laughing he says “It’s a seed, see those trees….the birds try to grab them but they are too heavy they drop them”.



yes I admit it…..this made me jump!!! TOTAL CITY GIRL!!!

Last night my hubby came in from outside, grabbed his phone and said “honey come with me….but don’t scream”.  Great!!! it must be something big and disgusting………maybe a snake??  Nope ….. I saw this.



“I was just sitting right by that window, how could I not have noticed that!!!” this thing was huge …..and of course I sent the picture to my co-worker who has helped me figure out what type of country critter I was staring at…..but I forgot that my co-worker is deathly afraid of spiders, so she didn’t really enjoy my pictures!! Needless to say, this spider isn’t deadly…..well only to wasps,flies and other insects. She was still there this morning, I named her Charlotte!!

This morning while trying to get ready for work, my furgirl Lily would not stop whining to go outside….she really became annoying and for the 4th time I let her out but noticed she was running straight to the back of the shed….so Dart and I followed. Great now what did she find,  as I rounded the corner expecting to see her  nose to nose with something dead or scary I was relieved to find out that she was nudging this….



It was a turtle!!!  I always wanted a turtle to come visit!!  Dart (above) was quite gentle with it but Lily on the other hand just wanted to push it around with her nose……I placed the cute little turtle in a soft patch of grass hoping it will still be in our backyard when I got home.  “I’ve always wanted a turtle” I told my husband…..and of course he just rolled his eyes.



9 thoughts on “What the heck is that!!

  1. I live in AR too. I once had one of those Garden spiders crawl on my foot while I was trimming my lavender. I went to shoo it away but forgot I was holding clippers in my hand. Yep, stabbed myself right in the foot.

  2. This whole post sounds a lot like my first experience with bag worms. And also, spiders around my house, whether “good” or “bad” are all bad in my book and get the death sentence if no one is around to move them to the creek.

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