Is it really stalking or just being overally nosey?

A question has come up recently by a fellow blogging friend regarding an ex “stalking” her blog…… “I know he reads my blog, but why would he do this? he has a girlfriend” ….we pondered on this question for awhile….analyzed his behavior, pretty much came up with a few ideas :

1. he is in no way on the level of Mr.Crazy when it comes to crazy stalking behavior

2. he misses you and although he knows he can’t be with you right now; he just longs for a little piece of you and he can get that by reading your blog.

3. his girlfriend is just a filler.

4. He may stalk your blog daily, even visit hourly…..but just as long as he isn’t doing anything harmful to you then catch him off guard and say hello!!

I  began to think about different levels of crazy……  and remembered a conversation I had with Jenny about 12 years ago….it went something like this.

 phone rings


(whisper) “You would never believe what I am doing…guess”

(whispers back) “why are you whispering? are you eavesdropping on someone?”

(whisper) “I’m hiding in a bush watching Scott and his wife clean up the front yard….why are you whispering?”

“You’re in a BUSH? You’re crazy…what if he sees you?”

“He won’t, my car is parked down the road….and I doubt he can …ohhh wait, shit he’s looking this way”

“Ohhh Jen, you are going to get caught…..why are you there anyways?”

“He gave me some lame excuse , he SAID he was going out of town……but he’s outside with his wife fixing up the front yard!!!….Jolene?”

“Yeah Jen”

“You’re going to have to come along next time”

“OK…..please don’t do anything stupid”

“hmmm….I’m in a bush, this is not one of my most proudest moments”

I admit….back in the day I have had some not so proud moments when I let that little obsessive behavior come out; but I noticed that it only happened when someone I loved did me wrong… cheated…..of course that question  “what does the bitch look like?”  consumed me and one can’t help but be overcome with curiosity right???  I’ve never gone as far as Mr.Crazy though…..who would come into my complex in the late hours of the night to see if I was home or not…….he spit on my home window, dented my car with his fist, and spit on the car door handle of a male friends truck. NOW….that’s stalking gone overboard!!!

Marie told me recently how her ex left an envelope with a thumb drive inside. It was a slide show titled Marie’s Legacy…..on this slide show were pictures of them together….pictures of parties they attended….I even made it on the slide show…..then he put in a picture of a notification that was sent to his phone on where she was on one particular night(creepy)….then there was a picture of a guy she is dating who was surfing (is he stalking him too)…lists of ex-boyfriends from her past was also on this slide show.

“What do I do?” she asked

“Don’t play into his crazy, that is what he wants…..for a man to shuffle through hundreds of photos of you and him and put something like this together is just nuts. He’s stewing, he’s probably oozing the crazy stench right now…..just please leave him alone”

“I just checked his page and he is on it all the time…..yet he tells me that I’m the one he wants but dates all these other woman”

“Are you on Match?”

“NO….I just made a fake profile up just to keep tabs on him because I’ve noticed that once we head to our own places he is instantly on there”

“Just leave him alone Marie, he’s playing you”

She agreed, but Marie has a mind of her own and admittedly said she’s addicted to the drama…..but I just hope that this is a clear sign that this man is a bit unstable……I guess it would be one thing if the slideshow was put to some romantic music with a love letter or poem at the end….but there wasn’t any hearts or clip art rose pedals on the screen.

But going back to what I was saying at the beginning, if someone I dated, or even married wants to read my blog……more power to them…..I don’t really know what purpose it serves them…………but as long as they stay their distance and don’t write childish idiotic comments then I’m fine…plus it brings up my stats.

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4 thoughts on “Is it really stalking or just being overally nosey?

  1. I think there’s probably a very fine line between stalking, and just reading someone’s blog because you miss them and want to know what they’re thinking. So, I am going to go with #2.

  2. Pfff. I thinks it’s a really crazy matter. I wasn’t stalked by my ex’s but the (crazy) girlfriend of a guy-friend from childhood followed me around for awhile. First time I noticed her, when I felt someone was following me through the mall – all three floors!!! I was so scared – after trying to loose her, I finally met a friend – I was so scared, I was almost crying. In my entire life I haven’t seen such a crazy look on someone’s face. I got it together, and called my friend, her boyfriend. Let me say he was always just a friend and we were talking once a month tops, when we were meeting with all our other good friends. Absolutely nothing went on – I didn’t ever text/call/facebook him.
    The guy called her immediately. She left, but for a few month, wherever I went she appeared, even at my work place. The guy felt bad and apologised all the time and admitted she was super jealous, although he couldn’t understand either why she had a problem with me. Eventually, after her calling him 60 times per day, they broke up:))
    One of my biggest fears are crazy people, so I hope they stay as far away from me as possible:)) And from you guys too!

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