Please don’t go girl ~ my first concert


I wasn’t sure what all the hoopla was about, but for some reason Marie wanted me to jump on the New Kids on the Block bandwagon. I liked them, but I wasn’t about to wear a t-shirt with Jordan Knight on it nor was I going to start drawing circles on my binder that said I heart Joey. I wasn’t going to fall. As we pulled into the amphitheater we found ourselves behind a line of mini vans with teenage girls packed inside wearing their New Kids t-shirts, bracelets and headbands. Marie was beyond excited……”Marie, look over there…it’s Corey Haim” I was more excited to see one of the Goonies then watching five guys singing and dancing on stage. Once inside, we found our seats…………we were in the nosebleed section, actually it was the last row of the nosebleed section.

Tiffany did her little performance and then …… the lights went down, the announcer came on asking if we were ready to see the New Kids, screams from hundreds of young girls probably could be heard for miles away!! Then they came out singing their famous song “Hanging Tough”. It was right then…………I converted. I was now knee deep in the mania that was New Kids on the Block.

images (1)

Days after, I was still on a concert high….and I was on a mission to buy Teen Beat, TigerBeat and any teen magazine that held their pictures!! My folders were now full of hearts saying “I heart Joey”. My parents were now experiencing their own Beetle mania in their home…but it was New Kids Mania…..anytime they were on TV I cried. Yeah…a little dramatic but I was in love! My walls were plastered with posters and pictures of this amazing boy group…you couldn’t see a speck of white!



It kind of looked like this

Months later I had the opportunity to see them again, but this time instead of nosebleed seats, it was in the pit and if I planned it right…I was going to be right by the stage….I didn’t care who I had to climb over or hurt….I was going to stand there determined to touch Joey!  BUT there was one condition…..I had 3 months to raise my grades to something over a C level or else I wasn’t going. Let me just say this…..this was the first time EVER that I was straight A student!!

I couldn’t sleep days leading up to the concert and the day of.. was bad….I was dressed and ready to go by 7:00am. I had to wait ten hours before they hit the stage, but I was ready….I was ready to lock eyes on my future husband.

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My friend and I had a plan, which was to rush to the pit section and claim our spot…..we wouldn’t move an inch and bathroom breaks were NOT an option. Standing in line waiting to go in I held the teddy bear that I was going to give Joey tightly against me….there was no way I was going to let it drop. Once the doors open there was a mad rush to get inside, girls everywhere running to get to their seats and Michelle and I sprinted to the pit section. We found our spot….and waited…I watched on as Tommy Page sang a few songs and remembered the list my friends gave me…”touch Donnie for Kim, touch Jon for Dennine, and touch Jordan for Amy” there was no love for Danny.

Then it was time….the time that I was waiting for!!  The five handsome men (boys, really) took the stage. I was being pushed by the girls around me but I wasn’t budging and they knew it!! I was in heaven, I was crying….singing….shaking…..this was amazing. Then…the lights lowered and Joey began to sing “Please don’t go girl”…..oh my gosh, he’s coming closer!! ohhh my GOSH he is staring right at me……. I lifted the bear for him to grab but it was my hand he grabbed instead and as he sang a few lines of his song I became mesmerized by his sparkling blue eyes….I couldn’t believe this was happening to me…this was THE BEST NIGHT EVER and before parting ways he kissed my left hand, smiled…took the bear from my hand and said something that sounded like “Will you marry me”….”Yes!!Yes!! I will marry you” I shouted…. “Michelle did you hear that?”….. “Yeah, he said thank you…I can’t believe he sang to you”……he said thank you?? naa can’t be……. As the night went on I was able to fill the requests my friends had given me……I touched Donnie’s shoe (white converse), I touched Jon…..I didn’t touch Jordan but Donnie grabbed my hand during one of their songs……but there was no spark…I just didn’t want Joey to see, I was his and no one else’s!!









20 thoughts on “Please don’t go girl ~ my first concert

  1. Ha ha. I remember my sister was obsessed with NKOTB! We couldn’t see any of her bedroom walls because they were plastered with those posters. Wow, memories…

    • I bet you were the type of brother who picked on her for her love of NKOTB……all the while in your room was a life size poster of some blonde in a red bathing suit! haha

      • Haha. Yes, I did pick on her cuz that’s what big brothers do!

        Actually, I was too shy and self-conscious to have pinup girls on my walls. Instead I had Dungeons & Dragons-type stuff on the walls. *blush*

        I know, I know… I was such a nerd. Lol

  2. Oh my god, I went to see NKOTB a few years ago in the UK, fulfilling a lifelong dream to see them in concert! They’re not as good as Take That, but I doubt you’ll have heard of them.

    NKOTB rules!!!

    • I wanted to see them when they were here but I never had the chance to……maybe I will get the chance one day….my daughter Ann wants me to bring her!!

      ….you’re right…I never heard of Take That. I will google them!

      So jealous of you right now!! 🙂

  3. HAHA! NKOTB was my first concert to. I was 13. And my wall pretty much looked like what you pictured as well. And Corey Haim was my dream boat. I was so sad when he died. Damned drugs and alcohol!

  4. This is very similar to the way I felt when I saw Barry Mannilow! Except he dint touch my hand. Instead, as he sang I can’t smile without you, I pictured a cloud that he and I were floating on…. Just something about. Man in a white leisure suit:)

      • I think so…. But when I went to see him it was $10 for lawn seats! It may be a little more now, but I bet he’s still got that white suit! 🙂

        • He has closets full of white suits….and do you really think he still has all that hair…I bet he goes back into his dressing room and has a table full of wigs! haha

          • He probably does….but just like George Washington, I’m sure he’s gotten ALOT of ladies in his dressing room with those wigs..LOL…… It looked like even those idols of yours (the new kids) had a wig or two on in their day…or maybe those were just rat tails they grew out;)

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