Weekly Writing Challenge : I remember

“Wake up, put your shoes on…hurry”  my mother was obviously annoyed, I could see it in her face the way her left eyebrow would rise up when she was upset. I grabbed a blanket and followed her out to the car. It was eerily dark and cold  “Mom where are we going?” …she didn’t answer she just drove in silence. I looked out the window, confused…..what time was it? I looked at the clock, 1:35 am….where were we going at this time of night?

I woke up when I felt the car come to a halt, I looked around and noticed we were in a parking lot. I heard my mom mumble under her breath as she stared into the restaurant window. I followed her gaze ….there was my dad sitting at a table with a few of his work colleagues looking like they were having a great time…..a lady approached the table handing my dad a beer and proceeded to sit down right beside him. “You’re going to grandmas tonight”.  She drove out of the parking lot not saying one word. What I couldn’t understand was why was the blonde lady who I often saw at my dads softball games there and why was she sitting so close to him?

DP CHALLENGE : I remember

10 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge : I remember

        • I’m laughing over here because I remember getting a phone call from my best friend (this was years ago…like 12 yrs ago)….”hello” ….”hey it’s me guess where I’m at?” “why are you whispering” I asked. “because i’m in a bush, across the street from Scotts house watching him and his bitch wife out in their front yard”…. “YOU’RE in the bushes?” …..”yeah, I parked down this dirt road so he wouldn’t recognize my car….ohhh shit he’s looking this way”….. “Does he see you?” …..”No!!….I’m going to bring you next time”….”OK” hahaha….

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  4. Woe, I think I was there too. No, wait, that was my mom pulling up in a parking lot to check up on what my dad was doing. I got them confused, mine was just slightly different.

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