The way he proposed…..his version and mine!


Last week when I wrote my bucket list, one was to be proposed to in a unique way. I was able to cross this off on September 28, 2012. “How did he propose?” Suzie81 asked.  So Suzie….(it’s alright if I call you Suzie and drop the 81 right?) and the rest of you romantics or unromantics this is for you.

This is his version of our proposal:

I had no idea how I was gonna propose. Jolene was at work and after seeing Lily (Jolene’s precious little dog) carrying around a tennis ball all day I thought I’d teach her to carry the ring box and have her take it to Jolene….very cool, huh?  Lily was having none of it…. what to do?

So I’m talking to Momma before Jolene and I were supposed to meet up with a couple of my friends for my birthday supper, I gave the phone to Jolene so they could chat a bit and then had an idea (yeah I know, I’m not supposed to do that!). I asked Jolene for the phone back real quick and went to another room and asked Momma to ask Jolene, “will you be my daughter-in-law?” she said sure, so I gave the phone back to Jolene, they’re on speaker and Momma asks her, Jolene, will you be Bobby’s daughter-in-law?” I’m cracking up, Momma’s apologizing and sayin’ “I got that all wrong”, Jolene’s confused and has no idea what we’re trying to do  so, I just pull the ring out of my pocket, slide it on her finger and watch her start boo-hooin’ and laughin’ and telling Momma I just gave her the ring.
It was a hoot, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, I sure love my best friend.
This is Momma, she’s ninety and is struggling with Alzheimer’s
Now, here’s my version :

I would have never expected Bobby to propose to me that night, we talked about getting married and I knew that getting engaged would eventually happen but never did I expect it to happen on his birthday.

Bobby was off talking to Momma and I was sitting on the couch playing with the furkids when he came out and said that Momma wanted to talk to me…..Now, to be honest I did think it was strange that he took his phone into the bathroom because he never does this. I thought maybe he knew the time crunch that we were on so he would kill two birds with one stone and get ready while talking to his mom…..heck I do it……ohhhh and if I am being honest here, I did try to hear the conversation through the door…..because the door was shut……and when the door is shut something is normally up…..and like I have already divulged in a previous post, I like to eavesdrop!!

Bobby hands me the phone  and Momma said she had a question to ask me, “of course Momma you can ask me anything” I said. She then asked ever so sweetly if I would like to be Bobby’s daughter in law, she paused for a few seconds and apologized for messing up. I knew exactly what she meant and said “Momma, you didn’t mess anything up I know what you meant and of course I would love to be Bobby’s wife”, just then Bobby took my hand and placed the most beautiful diamond ring on my finger.  As this was happening, Momma was still apologizing for not getting it right and I was crying and laughing at all that had just happened. ………..and of course I said YES!!!


The moment was just perfect I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. God certainly had a plan for us and during the last ten years not only did our friendship and respect for one another get stronger, we were able to see one another grow into the people that we are today.

And SPEAKING of tens years ……. yesterday we celebrated our one year, no not our wedding anniversary. It’s been one year since we decided to see if that spark was still there and met up in Santa Barbara, California. Let me just say this …….that spark was still there and it still is!!


This was just something I put together after our little trip


10 thoughts on “The way he proposed…..his version and mine!

  1. WOW.
    You two are one handsome looking couple!! You are very lucky to have found your Mr. Right. And he is very lucky indeed to have found such a beautiful woman to have by his side.
    CONGRATS! ….and dang girl…congrats on the sparks. I’ll find mine one day. ❤

    • I agree…..I think he wanted her to take part because 1.she is ninety and 2.she is struggling with Alzheimer, so he will always have this memory of her.

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