Surviving the in-laws

While channel surfing I came across a show called “Surviving the In-laws” I couldn’t believe what I was watching……these in-laws had some nerve….talk about crossing the line, these in-laws were horrible. This show only brought back my own special memories of my “ohhh sooo special” in-laws.


First marriage: The very outspoken grandmother in-law

It was 1994, I had just had Ann (2nd daughter) two months earlier. I knew that we were all heading over to my in-laws in just a few days for Easter dinner and I needed to do something with my hair, it was dry and just looked horrible… I dyed it, black. I thought it looked alright… hair is naturally a dark brown so black wasn’t a far stretch.

About twenty people gathered around the dinner table to indulge in an amazing Easter feast, family and friends caught each other up on their busy lives and then out of nowhere the grandmother shouted out “Jolene what did you do to your hair? I hate it” SILENCE, you couldn’t hear a pin drop, even Ann stopped crying. I was mortified…all eyes were on me and my horrible dye job. No one came to my defense only telling that everyone was in agreement with grandma.

Needless to say; I have never gone black again……………………….so it’s not true about what they say “Once you go black you’ll never go back” …. when it comes to hair anyways.

Second marriage : My mother in-law


Besides being the voice in my (ex) husbands ear 24/7, unable to cut the cord and releasing him from her bosom  she was something else. She constantly spoke about not being accepted by her in-laws because she was considered “white trash” and would often share her stories of her first marriage which could have been a made for Lifetime Movie. At first she was nothing but sweet but after hearing about our constant troubles and cancellation of our wedding she turned into the mother in-law from hell. She would often call me to inform me that she was done hearing about our problems from Mr.Crazy and that I needed to change, of course her sweet boy didn’t play any role to the demise of our marriage.

I remember the day that our marriage was over like it was yesterday. I had to call the cops because Mr.Crazy let his anger consume him and took it out on my daughter and I. It was a horrible day and the man I married let the monster inside of him emerge …..he finally got what he wanted….my fear. I seldom showed the fear I had when the monster would come out to raise havoc in our household.I was told as a young girl by my father to never show fear, because some men feed off of it… I took his advice and pushed the fear deep inside and stood my ground.

Finally  he was gone and now I had to some how take care of all that had unraveled and most importantly come to the realization that our marriage didn’t even make it one year…..we were 2 weeks short of our 1 year anniversary. There was a knock on the door and there stood my mother in-law and father in-law  “what did you do to make my boy behave in such a manner”, “why did you call the cops”, “What did you do to make him hit you?”, “we are on our way to bail out our son don’t ever contact him again”……I couldn’t believe what she was saying and I couldn’t believe my father in-law was just standing there, a man who I use to admire was now meek and cowardly. I received my mental beating and said good-bye.

I was in shock by what she said, I would have thought that she would have been more sympathetic considering her first husband was abusive towards her and her children but yet again her little boy could do no wrong.

I am blessed to now have amazing in-laws, they are NORMAL….no drama….they welcomed me with open arms and my mother in-law is the sweetest most genuine lady I have ever met!!

Do you have any in-law horror stories??


9 thoughts on “Surviving the in-laws

  1. Living the pain right now. My son-in-law controls his parents. And now my daughter, too. Threw a fit and pouted… “I told my parent to not talk to you,” were my son-in-laws words to us. “Why?”

  2. Oh my goodness – “so it’s not true about what they say “Once you go black you’ll never go back” …. when it comes to hair anyways…” made me laugh out loud!

    My ex-in-laws were the same way about my abusive first husband. It makes me sick to think about it.

    • Glad you got a kick out of that line…..I wasn’t sure how it would be received. hahaha…..

      It’s sad how they could just turn a blind eye on the reality of the situation… this case it was their son.

      I told my son who was 15 at the time that if he EVER struck a woman…if he ever got put in jail for a domestic dispute, his butt is staying in there to THINK about what he did…..and then once he’s out he would have to answer to me!!

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