Daily Prompt: Origin Story

Growing up I spent hours writing in my diary, tucking it behind the piles of clothes that laid way in the deep confines of my closet. Secrets, thoughts, weekly crushes consumed each page. As I got older those diaries turned into volumes and volumes of journals writing about life as I knew it…..marriage, divorce, heartache, dating again and being a mother!!

There came a point that I stopped writing. I guess  I just got busy with life and to be honest I hit a really dark patch that I didn’t want to relive in my journals. Years passed and my thoughts just consumed me. I needed an escape from the words that were held captive  inside my soul. Then I heard that one word “Blog”. …as I searched and searched, I noticed a whole community full of writers telling their story. “How wonderful” I thought.

I started my first blog over five years ago, I wrote about things that I couldn’t share with friends, family or my then husband. It was therapeutic, the thoughts that plagued me were now being released flowing from my fingertips to the keyboard. I felt liberated until Mr.Crazy found my blog and felt threatened by what I shared, it was nothing but the truth but yet again he hated that I shared our life….well actually he was ok when I wrote about the my children, their father or the recent trip to a winery….but the bad is what drove him into endless hissy fits. He made it difficult to write and  even brought it up in a counseling session; the therapist sided with me but he huffed so much that I stopped.

Valley Girl Gone Country came to life when I married my cowboy (aka The Major), moved from California to Arkansas and started to experience what life was like away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I was in awe of being surrounded by the beauty that is Arkansas…green EVERYWHERE!! I have cows down the street from me and some mornings you can hear the bulls calling!!! again I was consumed with thoughts that had to come out and to be honest sometimes my husband just doesn’t have the energy to listen to all my ramblings.

I never imagined that I would be welcomed with open arms into such an awesome blogging community with so many talented writers. I admit that I look forward to logging on my computer to my fix of daily adventures, stories, poetry and silly humor from my fellow bloggers!!

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