Facepalm moment


See that girl?  that was me yesterday when I realized that I unfollowed one of my favorite blogs…..Imperfectly Perfect!

While skimming through the recently added posts I noticed that she had written something.  My first thought was “Ohhh awesome she’s back from vacation!” ….but wait, why didn’t her post show up on “the blogs I follow” page?  I looked back at her page and silently panicked …..when did I unfollow her? did I click on the wrong button, I could see how I could have accidentally clicked “unfollow” instead of “Like”….they ARE close together. I think WordPress needs to move them away from each other to avoid any further blonde stupid mishaps. My only thought was did she notice that I left …… Did she think :


Lesson Learned.

I am paying close attention to where I click from now on. If you haven’t checked out her site yet you are missing out on such a great blog, she’s funny, truthful, loves quotes (and they are never boring)…..she’s just a women you can relate to and if you’re a guy….check her out anyways!!

I just wonder who else I unfollowed by just clicking the wrong button?….urgh…maybe I’m just WordPressing in my sleep and clicking away …maybe  I just need to stop multitasking and pay more attention to what I’m doing!!


12 thoughts on “Facepalm moment

  1. That “Bitch you just unfollowed me” picture is HILARIOUS!

    And I seriously DID notice that you unfollowed me! There was one day that I noticed (psycho, I know…) that I was one follower short, and I did some major detective work until and figured out that it was you. 😦 I was heartbroken because I thought we were like blogger BFFs!

    And you’re right – I should have messaged you and been like, “Bitch, what the hell?!” 😉

    Thank you for your re-follow – I’m glad we’re back together! And for your sweet post!!

    • HAHA….don’t we all have a slight panic attack when we loose a follower…..I lost two last week and wondered what I said for them to think “the hell with Valley Girl Gone Country”….maybe it was when I wrote about my sister asking her husband his opinion about a threesome? IF they read it they would have realized it wasn’t about threesomes at all…..or maybe they are just dog haters and didn’t like my post regarding Lily…..if that was the case then who needs them…hahaha….
      (silently whispers…I do)

  2. Ha ha. I try not to look at my numbers too closely. I’m the type that gets hurt when someone stops following my blog or my Twitter account.

    I had (yes, had) an acquaintance who confronted me in a private FB message because I had “unfollowed” her on Twitter. It turned out that I had deactivated my account and then changed my mind, so it somehow erased our connection. I apologized, but she told me not to bother; she didn’t want me to follow her anyway. Sheesh!

  3. I do this ALL the time! I’m always so embarrassed to hit the “follow” button again, but at this point, I think most people that I follow are used to it. 🙂

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