Daily Prompt : Pat on the back…. Way to go Jenny!!


Todays Daily Prompt was a no brainer for me. I am so proud of my best friend, Jenny. With all the hard work, endless nights of studying and achieving her Masters; which is an awesome accomplishment ….but this is not what I am so proud of her for…..well I am….but I’m here to tell her that I am so proud to hear the news that she landed herself a full-time teaching contract and in just a few short months she will be welcoming a classroom full of seventh graders who are on the cusp of hormone central!!

I have no doubt she will handle every situation thrown at her with grace. No student will be able to get away with much. I dare them to try to get close to her grade book, try to pass off another student as their cousin that is visiting from another town just so they can gossip during class, pretend that they are sick to only leave campus for the day,  they may think that they can pull one over on her….but they have a surprise coming. She will be onto their little games in no time….because we played our own little pranks on our teachers when we were in school together.

Without a doubt Jenny with be an influential part in these teens life and when they are adults, “Miss Jenny was my favorite teacher” will be said by some. I only wish I could see her in action….maybe one day I can sit in on one of her classes and be introduced as “her cousin who is visiting from another state”………………what do you say Jenny??

I’m so proud of you!!!


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20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Pat on the back…. Way to go Jenny!!

    • BIG TIME!!! Teaching is such a difficult job…..I would NEVER even dare to think that this was a job for me….I don’t have the patience to teach a bunch of hormonal kids.

      although…..I do see many visits to the winery in her future!!

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  2. Awesome! So cool that she will be a teacher and 7th graders I wish I could go back in time and have her for 7th grade! LOL!

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  6. U ARE amazing! Thank u for listening to me bitch about my late night homework assignments and endless student teaching hours. Its ironic, that me….someone who spent hours trying to figure out new schemes to ditch school and avoid it at all costs (with your help!) would choose to go back onto the classroom again. You’re right those kids better beware….muuuaaaahhhh, here I come! Thank u for always being there bff!

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