Eavesdropping is soooo much fun!!

My husband and I had lunch at this cute little café out in the middle of some old country town on Saturday, while reading over the menu I noticed two women to my right having a really intense conversation.  “When I asked him to do me right on the lawnmower he looked at me as though I had two heads and a wart on my nose”. WHAT?? I stopped reading the menu and started to pay attention .There are two things that I enjoy …..people watching and eavesdropping.  “I just don’t get it, I’m tired of being denied sex when I ask for it….every time I ask he looks repulsed but then he will come to me in a day or two ON HIS TIME and want sex, as much as I want to deny him I’m so gosh darn horny I just give in” the brunette said sounding defeated….. “Uhm maybe he likes being the dominate one?” her friend asked.

Boy did I miss  having these types of conversations with my girlfriends!!!…..”Honey do you know what you want?”…I didn’t notice the waitress standing by the table waiting to take my order; I quickly ordered a cheeseburger, no onions and sent the girl on her way…..I had a conversation to get back into….my husband was too busy checking baseball stats to realize what I was doing.

“That doesn’t give him the right to look at me as though I’m some alien from another planet, maybe he didn’t want to have sex on the lawnmower, but he’s had sex in other bizarre places so the riding lawnmower isn’t a far stretch from what he’s used to. I’m done askin though….it hurts too much when he denies me. I’m just horny as all get out it’s been over a week”.  I so wanted to move my seat over to their table to chime in….I could use a dose of girl talk!! The blonde took a sip of her soda “well girl, Jim and I haven’t had sex for over a month!!! We don’t even make out or French kiss do you guys still kiss?” the brunette took a bite of her salad and nodded “yeah we still kiss ….but when we start kissing KISSIN it always leads to sex so we don’t have just random kissing”

A month!! I think I would go totally crazy if we didn’t have sex for a month……  “Honey what do you think?”…..ohhhh crap I was so engrossed with the two girls that I didn’t know that he was talking….. “Think about what, sorry”. He wanted to know what route we should take back home  seriously I had no clue where we were at so I just told him to surprise me. He caught on pretty quickly that I was in the middle of a conversation already…one that I wasn’t invited to…I tried to tell him what was going on with a whisper but by the time we finished talking about routes and eavesdropping the women paid their bill and were heading out the door.

I felt a bit disappointed by their departure, I didn’t know these women but this was a topic that was up my alley. …..So while eating my juicy burger I texted Jenny and my sister and asked them if they still have make out sessions with their husbands. They both said sometimes but nine times out of ten it always lead to sex. “I miss the hot make out sessions we use to have, what about you?” Jennys texted. I told her that we still kiss….and mentioned to her that the other night when we watched two John Wayne movies (not the war flicks those put me to sleep)  I had made a comment about the cheesy overly dramatic Hollywood kisses then while we were taking a brief snack break he grabbed me and planted a good old cheesy Hollywood kiss of his own. Which only left me in a fit of giggles …….but no matter how silly that was it still left me a little hot and bothered!!


I wonder how many couples out there who have been together for a significant amount of time still find themselves in the arms of their spouse having steamy Hollywood make out sessions??  or does the steam just fade away after time?

21 thoughts on “Eavesdropping is soooo much fun!!

    • Thank you!! …. I couldn’t wait to write about this….I was going to yesterday but ….. my husband had other ideas…..like dislocating his knee while doing some manly outdoor stuff….so we spent half the day in the emergency room!!!

  1. And I’m not telling ‘cos I’m shy like that! But the lawnmower? I ask you. Who does that? We’ve got several lawnmowers and I can honestly say I’ve never felt that way inclined. Then again, ours isn’t a ride-on. Mmmm.x

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  3. I could of gone wothout reading those last few comments lol haha! But OMG you know we would of stopped our whole lunch annndd ignored the waitress (or told her to come back another time) if it was just us two!

    –your daughter

    • hahaha…opps….thought you had other things to do than read my blog like going to tractor pulls and such!!! …hahaha…

      Ohhh we would totally ignored the waitress for sure!!!

      • Lol I just went to the tractor pull last night butvwas cut short cuz it started to down pour hahaha that’s good ol Nebraska for you though!

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