What the heck is in that thing?


Ladies, I am not sure about you but I have been asked this question from time to time when the man in my  life offers to hold my purse while I am busy rummaging through clothes racks  ” Uh stuff….minus the kitchen sink, you can look” I would often say, thinking that it would  settle any lingering curiosity  to what may be in my bag of unknowns; it’s not like I am carrying my “pretend lipstick” anymore….but they won’t. I assume at one time or another while growing up they were advised by their father to NEVER go into a woman’s purse no matter what or they got their hand slapped by their mother for digging into her purse.

I admit that sometimes my purse gets quite heavy, normally the culprit is the twenty dollars worth of change that lays at the bottom of my purse.

So this morning I thought it would be fun to show you what is in my bag of tricks!!

Picture 002



1. My cellphone

2. My Nook – I normally read during my lunch break

3. My diet pills – Alli and Hydroxycut Max, with my daily combo I only hope it will help in some sort of weight loss.

4. Tampons  – I’m always packing and you should too!!

5. My Stella and Dot wallet – which I just recently got and I LOVE it!!! it holds my phone which is an added bonus.

6. Aleve – for those days like today when my neck is stiff because I slept wrong. I wouldn’t dare compromise my furkids sleep so if I end up sleeping all crooked then I just pay the price later…..with a sore neck or back.

7. Deodorant – because when I am in a hurry to get to work I sometimes don’t remember if I put deodorant on ……9 times out of 10 I do….but then I hate having to doubt myself…..so when in doubt I put more on!!

8.  Benefit Erase Paste – which is a MUST HAVE for women who struggle with dark circles!! I never leave home with out this.

9. Benefit Cabana Glama – when I need a touch up during the day

10. Versace Bright Crystal rollerball perfume

11. My pocket knife – well, actually it was my grandfathers and I never leave home without it.

12. Some change


What’s in your bag of tricks? do you pack light or do you carry everything but the kitchen sink to? 


16 thoughts on “What the heck is in that thing?

    • I thought that pockets would solve everything to but unfortunately it gives me more places to store things and then I end up losing things….like my keys in those pockets…hahaha…..My husband thinks I should get a smaller purse but then how would I be able to carry all my important must haves??

        • my problem is that I don’t pay attention when I throw my keys in my purse…..sometimes I will shove them in a side pocket, or the inside side pocket….or the section wear I can store little things…….hmmmm….maybe I should just get a purse with not so many pockets….hahaha

          • My search for the keys usually has a slight underpinning of panic attached. And with another part of my mind thinking I know I got here and used the keys so they are in the bag…..I am beginning to get more organized about where things are placed in purse….at least, sometimes…..

  1. I always carry a few tampons, but every time I go to pull something out, the cotton has been pulled slightly out, and is slightly dirty, and is stuck with gum, to the loose change on the bottom, that I am trying to give to the clerk:)

  2. I felt obligated to go through my purse after reading your post. I can’t even explain the reasoning behind this but I have 4 bottles of lotion, 3 tubes of chapstick, 1 tube of lipstick, dog treats, 2 knives, 2 pairs of readers…oh my…I’m too ashamed to tell the rest….

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