Miss Lil knows how to work it!!

See this face …….  does she make your heart melt?  Well, this is the face of a faker….yep F A K E R!!




When I came home from work yesterday, Lily and Dart welcomed me with sloppy wet kisses and doggy love………but something was off, Lily wouldn’t put pressure on her right paw and every time she did she would cry. Now, anyone who knows me knows that Miss Lily is my little girl…we have gone through A LOT together and when I’m sick she’s right by my side and when she’s sick, I treat her like a little baby.

So I thought maybe her paw fell asleep so I started to massage it…..nope that wasn’t it. I picked her up and headed outside so they could do their “business” and I thought maybe she could just walk it off…….she just stood there giving me her sad puppy dog eyes and whimpered. She didn’t cry when I touched it but she refused to walk on it.

I called the vet and got her in immediately!!

As we were sitting in the room waiting for the Doc I was praying that nothing bad was going on with my little girl…..Lily felt my nervousness and began panting and licking my face, trying to calm me down. hahaha…..once the Doc came in he examined her and told me he was going to take her in the back to exam her paw more closely and to watch her walk.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Every dog yelp I heard I tried to determine if it was Lily, my heart broke. Then the Doc came in………..without Lily. OHHH NO….something is wrong……my eyes started to water……He must have noticed because he said “Jolene, she’s fine……the waiting room cured her, she’s walking fine….I checked her paw, nothing is broken. It’s like when you take your kids to the doctors and finally they feel all better, well this must be the case” ….I laughed….he went on to say that she may have slightly sprained it when jumping off the couch and that they gave her a shot and will be sending home some anti inflammatory medication just in case she’s sore in the morning.

Once we got home and she saw her daddy, guess what she did……..she ran, stopped and began limping.

Really Lily??

She knows how to play the sympathy card, she’s no dummy!!


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