A long awaited gift

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“Hi my name is Martin, come right this way”…I followed Martin into a little room, there was a small table, two chairs and the smell of incense filled the air.  “Please have a seat”……he took a drink of his water, smiled and asked me what brought me to see him today. “Well …. uhmm…I just couldn’t shake this feeling that I needed to come and see you…plus, I’ve been having these strange dreams…in one, I was in danger and all of a sudden an older man came up to me wrapped his arms around me, but they weren’t arms….maybe it was a cloak, but then we were engulfed in beautiful light, I felt safe ….next thing I know we were standing in a beautiful garden with a magnificent  tall  oak tree in the center…this older man has become a frequent presence in my dreams”

Part of me was second guessing this visit and that I should have seen a therapist instead but then another part of me told me that I just needed to relax.

“Please hand me your keys”…..he held onto them tightly, took a few deep breaths and mumbled something that I couldn’t quite make out. I can only believe that it was an incantation of some sort. He began to glance in one area of the room and then back at me again. “Your grandfather is here…he’s tall, stocky build, he’s wearing a plaid shirt and he’s smiling….there is also  another man here but your grandpa wants to talk”….chills ran through out my body, my grandpa?  another man?? ….. “Your grandpa is telling me that he loves you so much and wants you to know that he watches over you, he is also telling me that you were supposed to get something after he died but you never received it”.  I was supposed to receive something?? “ I have the pictures….the pictures of their wedding and war pictures. I am taking good care of them” I said. “No, you were supposed to get a pocket knife. He is showing me how he would use this to peel the skin off the apples and give pieces of apple to you when you were a little girl, this was supposed to be for you”  As I was trying to make sense of everything that was being said I just knew that the knife was probably long gone or that it had been given to one of my cousins….just then as though my grandfather heard my thoughts, Martin said “he wants you to go ask your father”. I laughed out loud “He wants me to ask dad? Ohhh this is going to be interesting”.

See my father doesn’t believe in spirits, mediums or anything on that level and for me to come out and say that I saw a medium today my father would just laugh and shove some opinionated comments my way.

Martin began to describe the pocket knife to me, the small details and color and again emphasized that I would need to ask my father. He then stated that my grandfather chose to be my guardian angel and reaches out to me through my dreams and that is why I had found my way here. I looked at Martin and brought up the moment when I was a little girl and saw a figure next to my bed (while everyone was asleep) I asked if that was my grandpa….he looked towards the corner of the room and turned back and nodded. I really didn’t need validation because I knew back then that it was him, but still it didn’t hurt to ask. Martin then told me that the other man was my great-uncle who was a pilot in the military and his body was never found during WWII and that he was my grandmother’s brother. This was interesting news to me but I knew that I would have to verify this with my parents.

He also mentioned that my grandfather didn’t like the guy that I was dating and thought I deserved better….then Martin laughed…..”Your grandpa does things to make this known, if you pay attention he has been showing you that this man is no good for you”….I began to think of the recent situations between me and the man I was with and things started to make sense. “Thank you Grandpa, I get it”.

After our session was over, I felt drained …….. every ounce of energy I had in me was gone. I felt as though I ran for miles. …..I made my way to my car and called my dad.

The conversation went something like this:

“Dad, hey I have to ask you a question…..did grandpa ever give you a pocket knife?”

“How do you know about the pocket knife?

“You KNOW about the  pocket knife?” I was beyond excited!!


“Grandpa told me”

Silence…..Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have just thrown it out there like that.

“Grandpa told YOU about the knife…what are you talking about?”

I told him about my visit with Martin, he didn’t react like I thought he would ….I could still hear the doubt in his voice though.

“Jolene the day of grandpa’s funeral your grandmother told us to go into the bedroom and grab something of his that we wanted. The knife was on his nightstand and I grabbed it…… Well, I guess you are getting an early birthday present from your grandpa”

Tears filled my eyes but a calmness filled the air….it’s a calm I felt before when I would start to cry or if I was having a rough day and was at my breaking point…it felt almost like a comforting hug, it was then that I knew that my grandpa was right there…….kinda ease dropping on my conversation with my dad.

“Dad, did grandma have a brother who was a pilot in World War two?”

“Yes, why?”

“Because he was there as well”

There was no more doubt in my father’s tone any longer.

“They never found his body, but yes he was a pilot”

He told me briefly about my great-uncle before we ended our call and a  week later I received an envelope in the mail.


The pocket knife

This happened more than five years ago …….I carry the picture of my grandpa and I in my wallet and the pocket knife is tucked away in my purse ……I miss him and holding onto these items just makes me feel closer to him in some way.


13 thoughts on “A long awaited gift

  1. Wow! Great story! I have a very split personmality – I was trained as a scientist, but I love believing that there is more out there than we can explain.

    • Thank you!!

      I only hope that my story is well received, just because I know some may just have a hard time believing it……that’s why I included the conversation with my father who, like I mentioned doesn’t believe in such things or isn’t willing to maybe tip toe outside the box and give the thought a chance……..but bringing up things that HE only would know maybe is making him think twice???? maybe???

      thank you for stopping by 🙂

  2. What a wonderful remembrance! I’m glad you got the knife that held such fondness in it for you. One question, though: it doesn’t sound as though Martin used a pendulum board. He didn’t, did he? Just curious about that because the picture you posted here originally was of a pendulum board. Those of us who can’t usually see or hear spirits directly can nonetheless communicate with them pretty easily using a pendulum board. It’s the cheat sheet of mediumship. Doesn’t sound like Martin needed that.

    • No he didn’t, that’s why I removed it and picked a different picture…..the times that I visited him all he needed was something of mine and he always chose my keys.

      He was amazing…..blessed for sure!!

  3. What a great story! My mother is a psychic but not nearly as good as the one you visited.

    I remember that style of pocketknife. The shield logo looks familiar. I think my dad or grandfather had one like it.

  4. Cool. Love stories like these. Thanks for sharing it. My grandpa died when I was 15 and I’ve felt his spirit with me on occasion. I also had a vivid dream about him telling me he was watching out for me.

    • Grandpas are the best!! Mine died when I was just a little girl but I feel blessed that he still pops in from time to time and lets me know that he’s not so far away…..I just thought it was funny how he warned me about the guy I was seeing…..hahaha…..

  5. Valley Girl Gone Country ~ I read your “Pocket Knife” story. Is that real? Wow, I’ve never sat through a whole story before on a blog. I loved it. The picture at the end was an awesome touch. Also, your “about me” page was very informative and a candid introduction. Perfect! ~ Efren

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